Tax Credits

Tax Credits

The Blue Ox Heating & Air team is always excited to share helpful information with customers and ways to help them save on their heating and cooling expenses. And one of the great opportunities to save on heating and cooling equipment purchased and operating costs is with Energy Star rated systems. Any piece of HVAC equipment that bears the Energy Star name or logo must have passed testing by an independent partner and the EPA to prove its energy efficiency. So you know that when you see the logo, you are purchasing a highly efficient piece of heating and cooling equipment that will be very affordable to operate. And in many cases, the purchase of these devices will also qualify for a tax credit.

The Energy Star Equipment Tax Credit

There are several categories of heating and cooling equipment that qualify for an Energy Star Tax Credit. However, a few other criteria must be met to earn the credit. First, the equipment must be purchased for your primary residence and installed before December 31, 2022. However, if you cannot make the purchase before the end of this year, updated tax credits will be issued through the end of 2032. And the credit only applies to a replacement unit in an existing home. There is no credit given for a new construction installation.

The Energy Star HVAC Equipment Categories

As you can imagine, there are many types of HVAC equipment on the market. And the Energy Star Equipment Tax Credit offers a variety of categories to provide savings to as many consumers as possible. The following are the respective categories and potential credit amounts for each type of purchase:

  • Air Source Heat Pump – Tax Credit Amount Of $300
  • Central Air Conditioning – Tax Credit Amount Of $300
  • Gas, Propane, Or Oil Hot Water Boiler – Tax Credit Amount Of $150
  • Gas, Propane, Or Oil Furnace And Fans – Tax Credit Of $150
  • Advanced Main Air Circulating Fan – Tax Credit Of $50

It is also essential to understand that each of the items must meet specific criteria for energy efficiency. The experts at Blue Ox Heating & Air are happy to discuss your heating and air equipment needs and explain the items that qualify for the Energy Star Equipment Tax Credit.

Ask The Pros About Ways To Save

While you are learning about Energy Star HVAC equipment from the team at Blue Ox, be sure to ask about other helpful tips to save on your heating and cooling costs. No one knows your HVAC system as well as the pros at Blue Ox. And we are always happy to answer any questions and provide helpful guidance to our customers, such as ways to save money when doing the laundry, heating or cooling your home, and even ideas about new cooking methods that will help keep your home cool in the summer and warmer in the winter.

To learn more about the Energy Star Equipment Tax Credit or ways to reduce your heating and cooling cost, call the HVAC pros at Blue Ox Heating & Air at 952-208-4570.