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AC Maintenance

If you rely on air conditioning for home comfort in the summer, we highly recommend scheduling preventative maintenance once a year. By having a professional inspect your unit in the spring, you can feel confident that it’s ready for another summer season. Blue Ox Heating and Air provides air conditioning maintenance in Minneapolis-St. Paul and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to help make your home as comfortable and affordable to cool as possible! Serving all of Minneapolis & St. Paul Area.
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All mechanical equipment needs maintenance to remain in top working condition for years to come. When you call Blue Ox for a cooling system inspection in Minneapolis-St. Paul, here’s what you can expect from your technician:

  • Check the thermostat to ensure the proper calibration
  • Test the start and stop cycles and all safety controls
  • Measure the airflow and temperature difference between return and supply registers
  • Clean and adjust various components, such as the condensate drain, evaporator coils, and blower motor
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Make sure the air conditioner is installed correctly and has the proper clearances
  • Replace the air filter


Some homeowners wonder if air conditioner maintenance is truly worthwhile. While you could wait until the unit breaks down and then scramble to have it serviced, that could waste money and lead to home comfort problems. Here’s how you benefit when you schedule AC maintenance once every spring:

  • A boost in energy efficiency: An adequately maintained air conditioner operates about 20% more efficiently than a neglected unit. This can save you up to 50% on your cooling costs! Clearly, maintenance can easily pay for itself in reduced energy bills.
  • Longer life span: If you maintain your AC unit, you can expect it to last several years longer. The ability to put off a replacement for another decade can save you tremendously in premature replacement costs. This is yet another way air conditioning maintenance pays for itself.
  • Improved home comfort: The benefits of an AC tune-up aren’t just monetary. Some things, such as your comfort level, are priceless. Expect better airflow, more even temperatures, and superior humidity control if you keep up with yearly maintenance.
  • Fewer untimely breakdowns: No one wants to deal with a broken air conditioner on a muggy summer day. Make sure your home stays comfortable as the temperature rises outside with routine AC maintenance. The chance of needing an emergency repair in the middle of the season plummets when the system is cleaned, adjusted, and tested before summer begins.
  • Warranty preservation: If your unit is still under warranty, the manufacturer will likely require proof of annual maintenance to uphold any claims you make. Prevent voiding your coverage by following this rule of your warranty agreement.


Blue Ox makes AC maintenance easy for homeowners in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. We service a wide range of HVAC brands with expertise and precision, so feel free to call us no matter what model you have. While we’re in your home, we’ll treat you and your property with the utmost respect, never using foul language or tobacco while on the job. You can trust that our team won’t cut corners because we guarantee your 100% satisfaction in everything we do.

Ready to work with a qualified HVAC contractor in Minneapolis-St. Paul? If so, contact Blue Ox at 952-208-4570 to schedule your next AC tune-up today!


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