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When winter arrives in Minneapolis-St Paul, you’ll want to stay warm even if you’re working in your garage. Maybe you make repairs on your vehicle or do woodworking projects in your garage. To keep your fingers and body warm and to be comfortable while you work, a heated garage is the way to go. Stay as warm as anywhere else in your house with a garage heater. Blue Ox Heating and Air Conditioning provides multiple options to heat your garage, including professional installation.

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Advantages of a Garage Heater

If you aren’t convinced about the need for a heater in your garage, consider these benefits.

  • Stay warm while working on car repairs and other craft projects and hobbies. When your fingers get cold and stiff, they can’t do a good job. Do better work when you’re comfortable and your hands are flexible.
  • Turn the garage into a living area by making it a family room, gym, office or even a bedroom. To complete the conversion, you will need to heat it.
  • Warm areas above the garage with a garage heater. If you have a bedroom, game room or even a storage area above the garage, it may feel colder than other parts of the house. When you use a garage heater, it helps to heat any spaces above it.
  • Keep your car warmer in the winter with a heated garage to allow the engine and cabin to warm up faster when you start it.

How to Heat Your Garage

You have multiple options for heating the garage. You may choose one or more than one to create your desirable space.

  • Add insulation – insulation will help keep the cold out and heat in even if its residual heat from the house. If you add a garage heater, insulation will help it work more efficiently.
  • Ductless heating and air conditioning – when you choose this option, you get year-round comfort for your garage, which is ideal if you plan to use the area as living space.
  • Radiant heating – When you use radiant heaters, you can keep the garage warm as needed separate from the rest of the house.
  • Convection heating – A freestanding convection heater or a baseboard version is versatile and provides a comfortable temperature.
  • Space heaters – This option allows you to heat the garage only when you’re working.

Installing a Garage Heater

When you add heating to your garage, it becomes a more useful and versatile space. Blue Ox Heating and Air Conditioning will help you choose the right type and size of garage heater for your home. We will provide installation of the system which is 100% guaranteed. Contact Blue Ox today for your garage heating needs.

To work with a reliable HVAC contractor on your garage heating project, please contact Blue Ox at 952-563-3012! We serve customers in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

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