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Our top priority is ensuring your family is comfortable and safe all winter long. Minnesota winters can be harsh and long; it’s time to update your old, malfunctioning furnace or boiler. Give us a call at Blue Ox Heating & Air for service and repair in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. We’ll provide a full diagnostic of your furnace or boiler and help you select the right option for your budget and efficiency needs.


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Maintenance & Repair

Furnace Repair

Keep your heating system running at optimal efficiency and performance and ensure it lasts longer with regular maintenance. You can schedule a regular tune-up in the fall before the cold winter season arrives. If you are having a furnace issues, you can call Blue Ox Heating & Air 24/7 for a repair or replacement. We’ll get you taken care of with a quick and accurate job to prevent you and your family from suffering through another cold night.

Installation and Replacement

Furnace Replacement

A furnace is a critical part of your home, one that is designed to provide years and even decades of reliable service. However, it wears down over time just like any other piece of equipment. When you have a problem with your heating system or it stops working completely, you can count on Blue Ox Heating & Air to diagnose the issue and provide a repair or replacement based on your unique situation.


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Heat Pump

A heat pump is an economical option to improve efficiency and provide warmth on cold days. This system works opposite of an air conditioner by taking the heat from outside and bringing it into your home. Heat pumps are electric which helps you save on the costs of fuel.

A heat pump helps your system work less for longer-term reliability. Find out more about our options for heat pump service and the type of system which is right for you.


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Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers remove the indoor air inside your home and bring in fresh air from outside. They have two systems. The first blows the indoor air out while the second fan and vent suck the outside air into the home. They improve the quality of air indoors, which is important for people who cannot get out as much as they would like.

You can find out more about air exchangers from Blue Ox Heating & Air. Some of the benefits of these systems include fresh and clean air, humidity control, and allergy prevention.


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Zone Systems

A zone heating and cooling system lets you divide your home into separate zones. Each one has its own temperature control which may be adjusted separately from the others. Climate control helps reduce energy costs by as much as 30 percent in the winter because you only use the heat where you need it.

Find out more about the services and systems we provide at Blue Ox Heating & Air when you give us a call.


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Heating and Cooling FAQ

How often should I have my current unit serviced? What does HVAC mean? Get all your heating and cooling questions answered by the pros at Blue Ox Heating & Air. We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions on topics from furnace and heating systems to air conditioning, home air filters, and beyond.

Visit our FAQ Page to get all your heating and cooling questions answered!


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