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Ductless mini-split systems are viable for residential, commercial, and institutional properties with no ductwork in place for heating. For example, the property might have been built with radiant heat, use space heaters, or even hydronic heating that never required the installation of ducts. So installing a traditional air conditioner is cost-prohibitive due to the need for ductwork installation. Fortunately, those who live in or work in these types of properties can now enjoy the comfort of a mini-split to cool the space and make it much more comfortable and even safer in extreme heat.


Mini-splits function much like central air. However, they do not require ductwork. The system has two main components, which include the outdoor compressor and condenser unit and the indoor air handling unit. Much like a traditional central air system in a residence or commercial property, a conduit connects the indoor and outdoor units to allow the installation of the power cabling, refrigerant tubes, suction tube, and condensation drain.


The smaller size of a mini-split offers much more flexibility than a more extensive central air system. For added efficiency, a single outdoor unit can operate up to four interior air handling units to cover a large single room or multiple rooms. With the multiple room system, each space will have a thermostat and functions independently of the other spaces. This saves wear and tear on the unit and allows them to function more cost-effectively than a more extensive single central air system.

The installation of a mini-split system is also far less complex than a central air installation. In most cases, only a 3-inch hole is needed to connect the interior and exterior components. So there is no concern about damage to your property or repair work that needs to be completed after the mini-split install. In addition, the exterior unit can be houses up to 50 feet from the interior equipment to allow for installation in a less visible part of your home or commercial property.

Finally, the ductwork in a traditional central air system can be responsible for about a 30% loss of the cooled air. With no ductwork, the mini-split functions much more efficiently with all of the cooled air being released into the room or immediate space, making it more affordable to operate.


The cost of a mini-split is higher than the equivalent traditional central air system equipment without the ductwork. In addition, the mini-split will cost about twice as much as a window AC unit for a single room. However, the mini-split will provide more precise and even cooling in the space. But if cost is the primary concern, these units are more pricey. The other common issue with mini-splits is that some people are not fond of the appearance of the interior unit on the wall.

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