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Air Conditioning Repair

When your air conditioning in your Afton, Burnsville or Minneapolis area home is not working correctly, life can be pretty miserable. Oppressive heat and humidity quickly make every task more daunting, and it is almost impossible to get a good night’s sleep. Fortunately, the Blue Ox Heating And Air pros are just a call away at 952-208-4570 to assist you with any A/C repair that needs an expert’s attention.

A DIY Guide For Common Air Conditioning Issues

The air conditioning does not turn on: When the A/C does not turn on, make sure that the system is set to cool on the thermostat. Next, check the breakers for the A/C units to ensure they are getting power. Next, check the condition of the HVAC filter. If the filter is covered with dust and dirt, it could have triggered the fail-safe that shuts off the air conditioner to prevent damage from a lack of airflow. Finally, lower the temperature setting on the thermostat a few degrees to see if it activates the A/C. If these steps do not correct the issue, call 952-208-4570 for professional A/C service.

Air conditioner short-cycling: If the A/C is turning on but only running for a few minutes and then turning off, the issue could be a dirty air filter. The system is shutting off due to restricted airflow. Unless the filter is replaced soon, the A/C will not work at all. If the HVAC filter is clean and unblocked by dust, it is time to call 952-208-4570 for a professional A/C tune-up from Blue Ox Heating And Air experts.

Loud rattling or noise: In most cases, any loud rattling or banging noise when the A/C is operating signals that you need a professional A/C inspection from the pros at Blue Ox Heating And Air. The cause of the noise is often a loose or broken component inside the HVAC system. It is also important to note that the sooner you call in the pros for a repair, the less likely the current issues will worsen and damage other costly components in the HVAC system.

Foul Odor: When you notice a foul odor coming from the A/C ducts, it is a sign that you need a professional duct cleaning from the experts at Blue Ox Heating And Air. The smell is often a result of moisture buildup inside the ductwork that has created excessive mold and mildew.

Water Leaks: Any time you see liquid pooled under your HVAC components, you need to call 952-208-4570 immediately. The leaking water or refrigerant is a sign that there is a severe problem that can only be corrected by a certified A/C pro. And if ignored, the damage to your air conditioner and home will only increase in severity and the cost to repair it.

No Cool Air: If you are not getting pleasantly cooled air from your A/C unit, be sure that the thermostat is set to the air conditioning setting and not just the fan mode. If the setting is correct, then there is likely a more severe issue that will need to be repaired by the pros at Blue Ox Heating And Air.


At Blue Ox, we understand that air conditioners don’t always break down during regular business hours. That’s why we offer night and weekend appointments, along with 24-hour emergency repairs. We’re ready to take your call any time of day or night, weekend or holiday!

Rest assured that our technicians always provide the highest degree of professionalism and customer service. Every member of our team has received rigorous training, earned NATE certification, and passed extensive background checks to ensure an accurate diagnosis and quick repair of your air conditioning problem. We also offer free estimates on any new equipment you might need.


When we say we’ll handle your problem, whatever it is, we mean it! Our team has experience resolving issues of all sizes and scopes. We’re so confident in our technicians that we offer a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. This gives you the necessary assurance to trust our cooling experts for any repair you need.

To work with a qualified HVAC contractor in Minneapolis-St. Paul, please contact Blue Ox at 952-208-4570 today!


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