Zoned Heating & Cooling Systems for Minneapolis Residential Customers

If your family or roommates don’t like the house to be at the same temperature as you do, there is a solution to keep all of you happy. Zone heating and cooling systems allow you to divide up your home into separate areas with temperatures unique to each of those areas. Blue Ox Heating & Air will help you choose from these systems to find the best fit for your situation.

How HVAC Zone Systems Work

A thermostat is placed in the different areas for HVAC zone systems, which will open and close the dampers inside the ductwork for that area. The dampers operate based on the amount of cool or warm air that comes in. You can set up these thermostats to operate at different temperatures, which are determined by how much sunlight comes in and how many doors and windows are in the room to allow more air in, which level of the house the area is located on, and if there are any other heating sources.

Keep your entire house at the same temperature regardless of other factors when you use zone heating and cooling systems. These zone systems are also the best option if you like different temperatures in various areas.

Why You Should Switch to Zone Systems

If a zoned system sounds like a good idea, here are some reasons to help you decide to say yes:

  • Save money on energy costs because you don’t have to heat or cool rooms you don’t use
  • Save energy by not heating or cooling areas that aren’t occupied, such as a guest bedroom or a formal dining room
  • Custom settings allow you to set each area at the desired temperature to keep everyone content
  • Use a zoned system for homes with hot-water heated radiators, and forced-air furnaces and air conditioning system

Schedule a free consultation with Blue Ox Heating & Air to learn more about zone systems and how they can benefit you and improve the enjoyment of your home.


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