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When your Minneapolis–St. Paul home’s HVAC system is not operating correctly, you need professional service from a company you can trust. And the best way to know whom that might be is to listen to the comments and experience of your neighbors from Andover to Woodbury. But now you are wondering how to know which company these communities feel is … Read More >

What To Do When Your Air Conditioner Goes Out

What To Do When Your Air Conditioner Goes Out

It is never good news when your air conditioner goes out and many things could be causing the failure. Some of them are easy for you to check out and even correct before calling a professional. Start with the basics and work through this list of tips to determine if there is a simple solution … Read More >

Increasing Air Quality

How To Increase Air Quality Blog

Living in a colder region like Minneapolis, MN, it is comforting to know that your home is very air-tight. You are reassured knowing that you are getting the most out of your heating budget because that precious warm air remains inside your home, but you might be overlooking another vital fact. Pollutants are also being … Read More >

HVAC Duct Testing

Free HVAC Duct Testing

In Minnesota, homeowners need to take every action possible to get the most out of their heating dollars. The best investment you can make is regular maintenance for both your heating system and the ductwork in your home. Beyond an annual tune-up for your furnace, duct testing is the most critical step you can take … Read More >

Balancing heat in your home

How To Balance The Heat In Your Home During The Winter

As the Minnesota winter drags on more homeowners notice that there are areas of their homes that are not as comfortable as others. These places don’t seem to get as warm as the rest of the house, even when the furnace is running. There can be several factors to blame for these less comfortable parts … Read More >

Why Do Drafts Happen?

You know that feeling when you walk by a window or door in your home and a blast of air causes you to shiver. A draft can be such an unpleasant feeling, especially during one of Minneapolis-St. Paul’s cold winters. You turn up the thermostat on your heater, but it still doesn’t make your home … Read More >


High output, germicidal UV lamps kill germs, mold, bacteria, flu and viruses that come through your HVAC system. Below, post a picture of your family near any vent or air exchange in your home and you’ll be entered to win one of our THREE FREE UV Lamps with installation! Winners will be announced on 12/24/2020. … Read More >


The Benefits of Investing in an Air Conditioning Service | Minneapolis, MN

Most homes across America have an air conditioning system, which keeps them cool in the summer. Homeowners know that air conditioning systems effectively keep their rooms cool, but there are many other benefits of investing in an air conditioning system. This article will look at the main benefits of an air conditioning system. If you … Read More >


Do You Need A Professional for Air Conditioner Installation? | Minneapolis, MN

Everyone wants to save money on household projects. While this is understandable, don’t make the mistake of thinking this is a do-it-yourself job. Something as important as your air conditioning system requires a professional installation to provide the high-quality performance you expect.  Not only is air conditioner installation not a DIY project, it is also … Read More >

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