Snowbirds: How to Prep Your Home for a Winter Away

Snowbirds aren’t actually birds, but if you’re reading this you already know that – since you are one! Being a snowbird means you can pack your bags and head for warmer climes when the weather gets cold. It’s an enviable lifestyle, but with it comes some particular responsibilities. Responsibilities like making sure your empty home … Read More >

How to Prep Your Plumbing for a Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

Being able to remodel their kitchen or bathroom is a dream project for many homeowners. It’s also a lot of distinctly less-dreamy work, however. Before you have a blast picking out your new cabinets, counters, faucets, and drawers, you have to buckle down for the nasty stuff. Namely, you have to contend with your plumbing. … Read More >

Keeping Your Air Clean This Winter

Nobody you ask is going to tell you that they particularly enjoy their home’s air quality during winter. It’s too cold to open up your windows, so things tend to get stuffy. As if that wasn’t bad enough, winter also tends to lead to especially dry air. Cold air doesn’t hold moisture as well, and … Read More >

How Your Home Can Benefit From Ductwork Sealing

Traditional HVAC systems rely on a network of ducts running throughout the walls, ceilings, and floors to deliver air from the furnace or air conditioner into the interior of the home. Design changes in recent years have made ductwork much more energy-efficient than in the past, but if they are not well-sealed, a lot of air can be … Read More >

How to Tell if Your Home Needs a New Furnace

Your home’s furnace is essential for keeping your family comfortable. If it starts to malfunction or slow down, it’s important to call an HVAC contractor to address the issue right away. In some cases, your system may simply be past its useful life, meaning you need to replace it. Here are some of the top … Read More >

How to Clean Your Drains Without Harsh Chemicals

Green living may have been a fad for awhile now, but unlike fidget spinners or planking, green living isn’t fading away any time soon. There are too many genuine benefits that come with living a green life. Green living is cost-effective because it involves using and reusing things you already have in new ways. It’s … Read More >

How Does Indoor Air Quality Impact Your Family’s Health?

At Blue Ox Heating & Air, we strive to educate families throughout the Minneapolis, MN, area on the importance of regular furnace and AC maintenance. Our tune-ups not only improve system performance and prevent breakdowns, but they also keep building occupants healthy. Cleaning ducts and registers and changing dirty filters prevents contaminants from recirculating in the air. For further … Read More >

Getting the Most Out of Your Air Exchanger

You already know how we feel about air exchangers. The surprisingly simple, easy-to-use device is one of the best ways to keep your home’s air fresh and clean. But once you have an air exchanger, how do you use it? Should you really just turn it on and forget about it? Is there anything you can do … Read More >

Getting to Know Your Thermostat

Your thermostat doesn’t have to be a stranger. In fact, let us introduce you. Introductions usually start with a name, so… the word “thermostat” is a combination of two Greek words. “Thermo,” which means “heat,” and “statos,” which translates to “standing,” “stationary,” or “static.” Thermostat basically means “keeps heat the same.” Thermostats connect to your HVAC … Read More >

How NOT to Use Your Heater

When it comes to winter in Minnesota, the name of the game is heating. And yes, as natives know, February is still very much winter in Minnesota. For the next month or two (or three…), your quality of life will be determined largely by your heating. Knowing how to best utilize your heater this winter could … Read More >

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