How Your Home Can Benefit From Ductwork Sealing

Traditional HVAC systems rely on a network of ducts running throughout the walls, ceilings, and floors to deliver air from the furnace or air conditioner into the interior of the home. Design changes in recent years have made ductwork much more energy-efficient than in the past, but if they are not well-sealed, a lot of air can be lost to leaks. If your home doesn’t heat or cool evenly or the air is dusty, then cleaning and sealing your ductwork is one of the first things to check. The guide below will explain how investing in more thorough duct sealing can save money in the long run.

Why Does Your HVAC System Need Extra Sealing?

Usually, New HVAC systems are installed with some degree of sealing. However, even new ductwork is prone to leaking, which will make the heater or air conditioner run longer to reach the ideal interior temperature. Additionally, if the ducts are older, the sealed joints will have likely degraded; this increases the risk of unconditioned and debris-filled air drawing into the return system. If this happens, an increased amount of dust and allergens will flood the indoor air, leading to more health-related issues. If the ductwork is connected to a combustible appliance, the back-draft effect can also increase the carbon monoxide content and smelly odors throughout the property.

How Do You Improve the Seals?

The do-it-yourself approach for sealing ducts is to use a heat-approved tape and apply it to the outside. Unfortunately, this approach is not foolproof for removing leaks and only lasts for a few short years. Plus, homeowners cannot reach most of the ductwork because it’s in the walls and ceilings. As a result, professional HVAC contractors now turn to more lasting interior sealing products, like Aeroseal®.

After closing the supply and return registers in the HVAC system, the contractor will inject the liquid sealant and use a fan to blow it through the ductwork. This application removes the need for removing insulation or cutting into walls. The sealant will naturally flow and fall into existing gaps or holes and coagulate to stop leaks. Rest assured, the sealant is a water-soluble organic compound used in hospitals, schools, and other public buildings. It contains a very low concentration of VOCs with only a temporary smell that’s similar to Elmer’s glue.


If your HVAC system is losing a lot of energy or impacting the quality of the air inside your home, contact our team at Blue Ox Heating & Air for effective duct sealing. Since 2013, we have provided the Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, area with quality heating and AC repair and maintenance services. Between now and April 30, 2019, we are offering free duct testing with the purchase of Aeroseal duct sealing—a $189 value. Call us today at 952-563-3012 to schedule an appointment, or visit our website to learn more about our indoor air quality services.