Tips On Saving On Your Electricity Bill This Summer

Tips On Saving On Your Electricity Bill This Summer

As the cost of everything continues to increase, homeowners from Arden Hills to White Bear Lake are searching for ways to save money around the house. Everything from clipping more coupons to saving on vehicle expenses and household utilities is becoming essential. In an effort to help customers keep their electrical bills more manageable this summer, the experts at Blue Ox Heating And Air have created a list of cost-saving tips to beat the heat without breaking the budget.

Invest A Little Tip To Save A Lot Of Money

The filter on your home’s air conditioner is vital to keep damaging dust and debris out of the delicate components inside the unit. However, once that filter is clogged with dirt, it begins to do more damage than good. The added layer of dust reduces the amount of air flowing into the air conditioner and begins to take its toll with increased wear and tear. Soon the A/C is starved for air and will shut down. The simple solution is to inspect the air filter every month and replace it as needed. Replacing a clogged A/C filter can reduce the unit’s energy consumption by 5 to 15% and eliminate costly repairs caused by an overworked A/C.

Make A Tiny Adjustment To Save Big

Studies have found that each degree you set the thermostat above 75 degrees will reduce energy consumption by 10 to 15%. Making the adjustment over a few days, a degree at a time will allow you to acclimate to the slight temperature increase while saving energy, money, and wear on your A/C equipment.

Eliminate Energy Vampires

Energy vampires are items that are sipping power even when not in use. Think of things with always-on displays like audio and video equipment, computers, and anything with a digital clock display. These items are constantly using a small amount of electricity. Phone chargers and laptop docking stations are other everyday items that silently sip electricity. They consume energy even when no device is charging, or the device has a full charge. All you need to do to begin saving energy is unplug any of these devices when they are not in use. Another option is to plug chargers and electronics into a power strip that you turn off when no devices are being used.

Use Ceiling Fans

Most people are shocked to learn that a ceiling fan uses roughly 1/60th as much energy as an air conditioner. Now it suddenly begins to make sense to use a ceiling fan to circulate the cooled air in your home as much as possible to reduce the time your air conditioner is running. And as an added bonus, the air circulation by the more economical ceiling fan promotes your body’s natural cooling. So you actually feel cooler even though a ceiling fan is not dropping the temperature in the space.

To learn more about reducing your electrical bill this summer without giving up the comfort of your air conditioning, call the cooling pros at Blue Ox Heating And Air at 952-208-4570.