Broken AC in the summer

Reasons AC Fails During Summer

Reasons AC Fails During Summer

Most residents across the Minneapolis/St. Paul area depends on their air conditioner to keep them comfortable during summer. But sadly, most of us take the priceless service of this intricate system for granted until the day that it fails to cool and dehumidify the house. Then you are quick to wonder what could be the reason for your house’s miserable, sticky climate. The AC experts at Blue Ox Heating And Air have compiled a short list of the most common reasons for an AC failure in the summer and a very simple way to avoid these annoying failures.

A Clogged Air Filter

The air filter on your AC system is an essential item that keeps the dust and debris out of the intricate components inside the AC equipment. However, as the filter does its job protecting the AC unit, it is shortening its own life and ability to filter the air entering the unit. When the filter becomes covered or clogged with dust and dirt, it reduces the airflow into the AC, eventually starving the air conditioner for air and causing it to shut down. In addition, the decreased airflow will cause the unit to be overworked, increasing your electric bills. Checking the AC filter each month and replacing it as needed is the best way to prevent costly damage to your AC and a day of heat and humidity in your home.

Outside Fan Issues

The outdoor fan has many vital components that help move the hot air out of your home and across the condenser coils to remove the heat. However, the fan could be overheating due to excessive workload because of a dirty air filter, a capacitor could have failed, or the fan could have been damaged. The only way to discover the cause of the fan failure is to call the Blue Ox Heating and Air experts at 952-208-4570. These unpleasant surprises during summer heat can also be avoided with an annual tune-up from your trusted Blue Ox AC pros. Our team is trained to spot minor issues and adjustments needed to prevent an AC failure during peak use.

Wear And Tear

Items like the wiring for the air conditioner and the thermostat are essential in the function of the entire unit. So when one of the critical components has worn out, the whole system fails, and you are left to suffer in a hot and humid house. As you know, all mechanical devices need a little maintenance and cleaning to ensure that they are ready to meet your needs, in this case, when hot temperatures roll into town. The only way to ensure that your air conditioner is prepared to do its job for the summer is with professional maintenance and an annual tune-up. You invest in a similar service for your car to ensure its longevity, so why not provide the same level of care to your home’s air conditioner?

The experts at Blue Ox Heating And Air are just a call away at 952-208-4570. Investing in a single maintenance visit each year is the cost-effective way to protect your AC and ensure your comfort throughout the summer.