Winter furnace tips

Winter Furnace Tips

Winter Furnace Tips

As the brutal cold of a Minneapolis/St. Paul winter settles around the region, the Blue Ox Heating & Air team wants to help residents prepare to heat their homes as efficiently as possible. We know that our customers have appreciated our money-saving advice in years past. With inflation still on the rise, we know that everyone is looking for ways to keep warm while also keeping their utility bills as manageable as possible. Here are our recommendations to get the most out of your heating budget:

  • Proper Furnace Filter Maintenance
  • Replace Thermostat Batteries
  • Program The Thermostat For Winter
  • Call 952-208-4570 For A Furnace Tune-Up

So Simple Yet So Beneficial

Regularly inspecting and replacing your furnace filter as needed is the most affordable and simple task you can perform to increase the efficiency of your home’s furnace. As a furnace filter does its job of removing dirt and debris from the air entering the unit, the filter becomes clogged. Soon, the furnace is overworked when drawing air into the system to heat your home. The more dust that collects on the filter, the harder the unit works and the more energy it wastes. So, inspect the filter each month and replace it as it becomes coated in dust and debris.

Avoid This Bone Chilling Mistake

For the cost of a set of batteries for your thermostat, you can avoid waking up to a frigid house or coming home to find the house freezing because the thermostat failed to activate the furnace. While most homeowners believe a set of batteries should last several years, the thermostat is not the place to test that theory. If you refuse to throw away batteries that potentially have some life left, put them in a TV remote or other less essential device and install a new set in the thermostat to ensure a winter of reliable heating.

Set Up A New Program

As the weather changes, keep your thermostat program up to date. While some thermostats can store multiple programs, you will still need to select the winter program to ensure you get the most value out of this essential tool. If your thermostat only has one program setting, replace the fall heating schedule with an updated winter one to ensure the comfort and safety of your home and water lines.

Invest In Professional HVAC TLC

The experts at Blue Ox are eager to help you provide the highest level of care to your home’s furnace with a 20-point annual furnace inspection. The process includes testing all the vital components of the furnace, inspections, adjustments, and cleaning to ensure that your home’s furnace is operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. In addition, you will appreciate the added peace of mind of knowing that your furnace is in good condition to heat your home reliably and safely for the coming winter months.

Call 952-208-4570 to schedule a professional furnace tune-up or any other furnace services with the experts at Blue Ox Heating & Air. And be sure to check the coupon page for exceptional service discounts from the team you know you can trust at Blue Ox.