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Maintaining Your Cool: 3 DIY Air Conditioner Tips

In Minnesota, people tend to lose their grasp of time in the seemingly endless snow and ice that dominate a large portion of the year. However, as the sunshine and heat roll in, it’s time to start thinking summertime. Almost all Minnesotans you talk to today are thrilled with the change in weather—until they’re faced with … Read More >

Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist

Summer is coming. Get your air conditioning system and home ready for summer with these 6 easy tips. ☐ Change your filter A dirty air filter causes your air conditioning to run less efficiently. We recommend installing a new filter every month during the summer for central and window air conditioners. Air conditioning needs more … Read More >

How to Tell If Your Air Conditioning Unit is Getting Old

It’s hard to imagine now, but in a few months it’ll be even harder to imagine not using your AC. If you’ve ever had your AC unit break down during the summer, you know what an absolute hassle it is. That’s why spring is the perfect time to make sure your AC unit is ready … Read More >

AC Maintenance: 3 Reasons to Keep Your AC Coils Clean

Has your energy bill been unreasonably high lately? One contributing factor could be your air conditioning coils. Your air conditioner is a complicated machine with many parts that require regular maintenance and you could be making or breaking the bank with your energy bills. According to Angie’s List, experts estimate that if your air conditioner … Read More >

5 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems and How to Fix Them

In a perfect world, all of our appliances would work perfectly all the time without us having to do any work at all. Unfortunately, the world isn’t perfect and sometimes our air conditioners aren’t working quite the way they should. Follow along with these five very common air conditioning problems, and learn how to keep … Read More >