5 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems and How to Fix Them

In a perfect world, all of our appliances would work perfectly all the time without us having to do any work at all. Unfortunately, the world isn’t perfect and sometimes our air conditioners aren’t working quite the way they should. Follow along with these five very common air conditioning problems, and learn how to keep them from happening, so you never find yourself wondering what’s wrong when it’s 90 degrees and humid in your living room.

1. You haven’t cleaned it in far too long.

Air conditioning units need to be cleaned regularly just like any other part of your home. Filters, for instance, need to be replaced at least every other month otherwise they can lead to restricted air flow and severely reduced air quality. Filters aren’t the only part of an AC unit that need regular cleaning, either. Both the evaporator coil and the condenser coil can cause problems if left to gather gunk. We recommend taking the time to wipe these down to avoid costly and troublesome dust build up at the same time you switch out your filters.

2. It’s leaking refrigerant.

Refrigerant is the fluid mixture inside of your air conditioning unit that keeps things nice and cold, just the way you like it. Suffice it to say, when you’re having trouble maintaining a consistently cool temperature from your unit, a refrigerant leak is the most likely culprit. To fix this problem, you’ll be in need of a trained technician who will be able to both find and repair the leak so you can add new refrigerant in a way adherent to the manufacturer’s specification without it disappearing on you, which will lead to optimal unit efficiency.

3. There are drainage issues.

Drainage issues within your air conditioning unit are more often than not the result of one of the pipes connected to the unit having a clog. Clogs like this can lead to water back-up in both your unit and your home, which can in turn cause a slew of expensive damage. To combat these problems, it’s good to have your drain lines cleared at least twice a year as a preventative measure. There are many skilled contractors out there that can do this for you at a reasonable cost.

4. Sensors or controls have worn out.

Just like any other frequently used electronic, delicate interior workings can wear out over time. Compressors and fans can wear out, especially in areas where it’s turning on and off frequently, over time. Wire and terminal corrosion is something we recommend you add to your list of specific questions to inquire about when you bring someone in for your yearly service calls.

5. Somebody flipped a switch.

When installed, there is frequently an option to have your air conditioning unit connected to an indoor wall switch. This is done for both safety and ease of use. While you know that that one specific switch is one you’re not supposed to touch, not everyone entering your home might. Whenever you’re having trouble with your air conditioning unit, just remember to give the switch a flip just in case. You could save yourself a lot of headache without too much effort.

Keep cool, literally, by keeping an eye on these potential problems. If any of them ever come your way, know that you can contact the tried-and-true technicians at Blue Ox Heating & Air for the best air conditioner repair out there.

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