5 Reasons To Prepare Your Furnace For Winter

The leaves are fading to brilliant hues, and the humid air outside is becoming crisp. Whether you’re bitterly saying goodbye to summer or looking forward to winter; now is the time to take a closer look at your furnace.

As you modify your wardrobe for the cooler weather, be sure to tune up your furnace, too. Sitting in front of a fireplace can be nice — but not as a means to keep yourself warm when the furnace breaks down. A new furnace costs anywhere between $2,500 and 14,000, but most furnace breakdowns can be avoided.

Check out 5 reasons to prepare your furnace for winter and you’ll be healthier and happier.

1. You’ll stay healthy

Would you choose to breathe unclean air? If the air filter in your furnace is dirty, that air is likely circulating throughout your home and may have an affect on your health. Frigid winters mean you’re spending more time indoors and your furnace is constantly at work. Stock up on air filters before the cold weather hits and be sure to change it every one to three months. Cleaning your air ducts also is an important step to consider when you’re preparing your furnace for winter. A healthy furnace means a healthier you.

2. Your furnace will live longer

Taking on small tasks like replacing your air filter or cleaning out the ducts help your furnace to function more efficiently and smoothly. There’s no need to make your system work harder and wear down to keep you warm. Schedule a tune up when the leaves begin to change to check up on the piece of your home you count on as you watch the snow fall outside. Regular maintenance means a longer life span for your furnace.

3. You’ll save money

Extra money in your pocket is always welcomed. Properly maintaining your furnace will not only save you money in operating costs, but also in the long run as small upkeeps cost less than replacing the entire unit at a hefty price tag.

4. You’ll get more organized

The furnace room is a sanctuary for those seasonal decorations or old boxes you haven’t looked at in months. You’ll want to move those away from the furnace itself, but that’s the perfect excuse to get more organized. Keeping items too close to the furnace could potentially result in a fire or other damages. Take a look around your house and rearrange furniture so there’s nothing blocking air vents or ducts.

5. You’ll go green

Preparing your furnace for winter isn’t all about sweeping and cleaning — it’s also about making sure your home is staying as energy efficient as possible. Consider installing a programmable thermostat in your home to adjust the heating times in your home. Setting your thermostat at a lower temperature when you’re away could save you energy costs, so why heat a space no one is using?

At Blue Ox Heating and Air, we’re here to help you with furnace repair, maintenance and installation. We understand the best ways to keep your home warm and clean, and our experts are trained in the latest technology and systems. Give us a call today to schedule your furnace maintenance check up.