AC Maintenance: 3 Reasons to Keep Your AC Coils Clean

Has your energy bill been unreasonably high lately? One contributing factor could be your air conditioning coils. Your air conditioner is a complicated machine with many parts that require regular maintenance and you could be making or breaking the bank with your energy bills.

According to Angie’s List, experts estimate that if your air conditioner has dirty coils they could be consuming as much as 37% more energy than clean coils. When your coils are clean your air conditioner can run at optimal efficiency and can greatly increase your energy savings. Below are 3 reasons you should regularly clean your AC coils:

1. Higher electric bills.

No one likes wasting money on an electric bill. Your outside AC unit is exposed to dirt and dust and when it’s covered in filth, it can use 30-37% more energy than it actually needs to! Save a few dollars each month by cleaning regularly.

2. Lower efficiency.

It’s not just the money you’ll lose if you don’t clean your AC coils, your system can also have a 30% reduction in efficiency and capacity. Which means you won’t be getting the air your need, when you need it. The unit will have to work harder because the dirt resting on the coils increases the total pressure in the system and causes the system to work inefficiently.

3. System failure.

This might be the worst of all! Over time, if you are not regularly cleaning and maintaining your AC coils, this will lead to more wear and tear resulting in a system failure or costly repair. When the coils are dirty the AC unit will be working less efficiently therefore working harder to match the temperature on your thermostat and will eventually break down or need to be replaced.

Like most things in your home, over time, if you let them sit without cleaning, they will get dirty, grimy and gross. You regularly dust and clean your home and your AC unit is no different! This system keeps your family, cool or warm and provides you with clean air, don’t let it get dirty and waste money on high energy bills or repairs!

Especially during a Minnesota summer with the rain, humidity and storms, you want to regularly maintain your AC coils for optimal efficiency. Not sure where to start? Blue Ox can help! Call us today to schedule AC maintenance.