Maintaining Your Cool: 3 DIY Air Conditioner Tips

In Minnesota, people tend to lose their grasp of time in the seemingly endless snow and ice that dominate a large portion of the year. However, as the sunshine and heat roll in, it’s time to start thinking summertime.

Almost all Minnesotans you talk to today are thrilled with the change in weather—until they’re faced with the dilemma of being too hot. Our houses and apartments become stuffy and stale, taking away from the normal comforts of home. This is when having a well-maintained air conditioner until becomes vital. While there is no alternative to professional air conditioner maintenance, there are things that the everyday person can do to make sure that their AC is running smoothly.

Here are three easy fixes to make sure your air conditioner is working correctly:

  1. Change the filter every 1-3 months. Changing the filter on your air conditioner ensures a healthy breathing experience in your home. Air pollutants such as pet dander and dust can wreak havoc on one’s sinuses—cleaning or changing the filter on your AC is an easy way to maintain quality air flow.
  2. Clean your vents for optimum cooling. To keep your AC in tip-top shape, the vents on the face of your unit should be cleared of dust or other obstructions that could be intervening with the cooling process.
  3. Clear out the condenser coil. Simply taking a vacuum to this coil (it leads from the AC unit into your house) can clear out any debris causing inefficiencies in your air conditioner. Correcting this inefficiency can provide cooler air and save you money on energy costs!

Keep in mind, Blue Ox cares about our customers so we want to help you save money with these quick tips, but we also understand that more serious problems such as refrigerant leaks, frozen evaporator coils, and leaking ducts require professional care. Many of these issues can also be avoided with regular, professional maintenance checks. Don’t get stuck in the heat wishing you had acted sooner—contact Blue Ox today for a routine AC check!

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