Top 17 Energy-saving Secrets for Air Conditioned Households | Tips from Your St. Paul, MN Air Conditioner Installation Experts

If you’re considering a new air conditioner installation or thinking about upgrading your current unit — but you’re worried about the environment, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to ensure that you stay comfortable while minimizing your impact on the environment. Summers in St. Paul, MN, get pretty sticky, so going without isn’t really an option. Plus, it’s more eco-friendly to have a newer, more energy-efficient model that’s functioning smoothly. Read on to discover our top tips for saving energy in an air-conditioned home.

1. Never Leave the Air Conditioning Unit Switched On

You can save money all around if you never leave the air conditioner on at night when you’re out or when it’s not strictly needed. Of course, during the summer months, you might need it on to help you fall asleep, but to save energy, use the unit as little as possible.

2. Research Smart Thermostats

When you get a new air conditioner installation, ask the technician about smart thermostats. They let you control the temperature of your home from anywhere, remotely. Smart technology gives you greater control over timing and functionality, so you never have appliances left switched on when you don’t need them.

3. Paint Your Exterior Walls

By painting your house in a pale color, you make it reflect the sun’s rays. When the sun isn’t absorbing as much heat from the sun, you won’t need to spend as much energy on heating. There is an initial cost involved, but over months and years, it makes a significant difference.

4. Perform Health Check-Ups

As more time passes after your initial air conditioner installation, it becomes increasingly crucial that you perform regular check-ups to make sure it’s working at its best.

5. Keep Air Conditioning Filters Clean

Something you can do without the help of an expert is to keep the filters free of dust and debris. If the filter gets clogged, the machine has to work harder to cool your home and it costs more.

6. Get Regular Servicing for Your Air Con Unit

We’d recommend getting an annual maintenance appointment with a professional air conditioner installation company so they can perform any necessary tweaks and repairs.

7. Only Work With Certified Air Conditioning Experts

Air conditioner installation should only be carried out by a qualified engineer. They’ll make sure you have the correct appliance for your needs and install it correctly to prevent energy loss. Some kind engineers might even have extra tips for friendly customers!

8. Use Household Appliances in the Evening

Try to avoid using the washing machine, dryer and iron during the day when the sun is hottest. They cost the most to run because they generate heat, and during the day, this will add to the warmth you feel around the home.

9. Use Natural Light More

Instead of switching on the lights out of habit, think about them every time you go in and out of a room. People are often surprised by how frequently they leave lights on that aren’t necessary. Make sure your home is decorated in light colors and that the windows can let plenty of light in.

10. Even Landscaping Makes a Difference!

The way you organize your yard can have a major impact on how much you need to heat your home. If lots of light shines into the property during the day, it’ll warm it up considerably more than if you let some foliage provide shade.

11. Think About Insulation

It’s possible to insulate your walls and your loft with spray foam or fiberglass to keep heat inside your house and keeps the weather outside. Also, if you notice any cracks in the walls, get these filled immediately. If air doesn’t have a chance to get in and out of the house, you’ll spend less on your energy bill and save the environment.

12. Consider Buying New Doors and Windows

One of the main ways we lose air from the home is through poorly sealed doors and windows. The latest styles are incredibly energy efficient, with triple-pane glazing gaining popularity for its unprecedented insulation capabilities. While there is an initial cost involved, you’ll make this back on your energy bills within a few years.

13. Think About Air Conditioner Installation

If you’ve noticed that your energy bill is steadily creeping up and the only culprit is the aircon unit, it’s probably time for a new air conditioner installation. Older units and units that have fallen into disrepair often need to churn hard to output cold air and can cost a fortune to run.

14. Shut Out the Sun

If you’re invested in saving as much energy as possible while running your air conditioner, make sure you use blinds, nets or sunshades to minimize the amount of sun that gets in during the day. Rays of light go surprisingly far in heating the home and causing the air conditioner to use more energy.

15. Use a Fan as Well

Ceiling fans can be highly effective accompaniments to air conditioners, and they cost less to run. The aircon unit outputs the cool air, and the fan circulates it around the entire room. Using the two together makes your whole cooling system more energy efficient.

16. Keep the Thermostat High

Make sure you set the thermostat to the highest temperature that you and your household feel comfortable in. This reduces the workload on the airconditioning unit and stops you from getting used to having the house too chilled!

17. Cook Outdoors as Much as Possible

Once you’ve had a brand new air conditioner installation, there is a range of ways you can ensure you don’t overuse it and waste energy. One great way to help out your aircon in the summer and have a wonderful time is to enjoy as many cookouts in the yard as possible! Cooking heats up your home considerably, so preparing meals outside is one of the best ways to keep cool inside in summer and save energy.

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