The Importance of Indoor Air Quality | Insight from Your Trusted St. Paul, MN Air Conditioning Repair Service Provider

Ah the dog days of summer! Sun, balmy breezes, long days spent outside. It’s all good, but most people want to retreat to a cooled home environment after a day spent in the sun. And when things really heat up, as they are doing with more frequency in this time of climate change, the importance of having an adequate air conditioning system becomes apparent very quickly.

Even a minor air conditioning repair is no joke when it come s between you and cooled air. You rely on your AC system to keep you and your family comfortable when the temperature and humidity soar. If your summertime best friend has broken down, you’ll need the services of air conditioning repair technician stat to restore comfort to your home. In the greater St. Paul, MN area, turn to Blue Ox Heating and Air for quick, efficient, effective service for any size AC unit at any time.

All About AC

There are 5 or 6 main types of air conditioning system, each with respective pros and cons. Tailoring a system to your family’s particular needs and circumstances is one great reason to work with a HVAC specialist and air conditioning repair provider such as Blue Ox Heating & Air in the greater St. Paul, MN area. They can advise on the relative cost, efficiency and power of each kind of setup.

Central – the most common type of AC system for cooling larger homes, central air requires some pre-planning before installation and regular maintenance after. The system circulates cool air through supply and return ducts. A network of ducts and registers, located in walls or floors, carries cooled air throughout the home. Warm air is circulated back to the main unit, which can part of furnace functionality, or an attached fixture.

Finding the right size and energy efficient system for your home is crucial in order to avoiding excessive utility bills. And so is keeping the system in good repair.

Window and portable units – compact units are designed to cool single rooms and are popular for smaller homes and apartments. It’s important to maintain the units correctly to ensure they are not circulating allergens or toxins. Window units must be installed correctly so energy is not wasted on cooling the great outdoors, and filters need regular changing. If units are making noise, running hot or smell funny, it’s best to consult with an air conditioning repair contractor to investigate the issue. Portable units, which can be moved from room to room, also need attention in order to optimize performance and keep utility bills under control. Even a minor air conditioning repair should not be put off, or it might cost you.

Ductless mini split – more sophisticated and powerful than window or portable units, a mini split system involves the same indoor/outdoor air exchange as central air but without ducts and registers. They are designed to cool single rooms, which is great if you don’t require central air and you don’t want to block off windows with window units. This type of system needs to be carefully installed and maintained however, in order to remain effective.

Geothermal – sustainable and green, geothermal heating and cooling uses the earth to heat and cool, exchanging the air in your home with the consistently temperate air below the ground’s surface. Starting up a geothermal system takes some investment and definitely need to work with a specialist, but it may be the preferred HVAC of the near future, so is worth a look.

Indoor Air Quality

We spend approximately 93% of our time indoors, more in times of crisis and sheltering in place, so it’s not surprising that indoor air quality is critical for the health and well being of families. If they are not properly cared for ventilation systems can circulate materials that are potentially harmful, including VOCs, pet dander, dust, pollutants, viruses, and bacteria. That’s why it’s important to keep any kind of air conditioning system in good repair, replace filters regularly and schedule regular service calls.

What Could Go Wrong?

Well, as with any machine, lots can go wrong with air conditioning technology. Filters and lines can clog or stop working, coolants and fuel can leak, parts can come loose or break, incorrect installation can result in inefficiencies. If your utility bills suddenly spike, or cooling falls off, or if the AC unit gives off weird smells or noises, it’s time to call in air conditioning repair specialist. They can troubleshoot the issue, make repairs or replace parts, and advise you on the care and maintenance of your unit. They can also change filters, flush lines and correct placement mounts to ensure you’re getting the best performance from your AC system, whatever type it may be.

Why Call In a Professional

Some homeowners enjoy the risks and dangers involved with DIY household repairs. Or perhaps they’re just trying to save money. Hiring a professional to bring skills and specialized equipment to the maintenance of important household systems can actually minimize the risk of causing further damage, thus saving you money in the long run. Your air conditioning service provider offers certified skills and guaranteed work. And that’s worth its weight in gold when it comes to satisfying municipal inspections or insurance claims.

The Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Why wait for something to go wrong, disrupting your household and causing discomfort, perhaps just when you need heat relief most? Booking an annual service and maintenance call with a qualified air conditioning repair contractor may help head off problems before they develop. And if you can deal with small AC repairs before the season kicks into high gear, you’re ahead of the game, regardless of what happens with the pandemic, the economy and all the other vagaries of life. When it comes to air conditioning, which on hotter days, adds so much to your family’s quality of life, the more efficiency and the less downtime the better.

If you live in the greater St. Paul, MN area and need advice from a qualified air conditioning repair contractor, be sure to give Blue Ox Heating & Air a call. Whether you’re looking for emergency service, a single air conditioning repair, or ongoing service and maintenance, their technicians have the know-how and equipment to keep you and your family cool this summer.

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