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A Guide to Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

The rest of the country may assume it’s always cold in Minnesota, but any state resident knows the truth. High-quality AC is important for getting through Minnesota’s surprisingly brutal, muggy summers. There are a lot of myths about what exactly high-quality AC means, however. Some of them are as silly as the notion that it’s … Read More >


Lightning occurs during storms when there’s an imbalance in electrical charges between the clouds and the earth. Electrical charges located near the ground called streamers attract opposing charges in the sky. The two charges race toward one another, often reaching speeds of up to 200,000 mph. When the two charges collide, they create a lightning strike that … Read More >


We’re in the height of summer. The sun is beating down and air conditioners are working harder now more than ever. Make sure your AC unit can take the heat. Avoid over working your air conditioning system by following these mid-summer tips: Around the House OPTIMIZE THERMOSTAT SETTINGS Utilize programmable thermostats to optimize temperatures throughout the day. … Read More >

Keeping Cool Without Central Air

Summer is supposed to be the most enjoyable time of the year. If you don’t have central air conditioning, however, chances are you don’t feel that way. You shouldn’t have to spend your whole summer trying increasingly creative (or desperate) things to stay cool. There’s another way… a better way! If you don’t have the requisite … Read More >

4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Air Conditioning

You probably never really think about your AC unit. It turns on, your home gets cool, then it turns off. No matter what kind of fancy new air conditioners exist, they all operate on that basic principle, right? So why would you go out of your way to look into AC replacement when your unit … Read More >

5 Ways to Keep Cool Without Turning Up the AC

Minnesota is a land of extremes. We’re only a few months out from freezing temperatures and black ice, and already here it is: the full brutality of our humid summer, road construction and all. Your first instinct is probably to run to your AC and turn it up full-blast (we know ours is), but before … Read More >