We’re in the height of summer. The sun is beating down and air conditioners are working harder now more than ever. Make sure your AC unit can take the heat. Avoid over working your air conditioning system by following these mid-summer tips:

Around the House


Utilize programmable thermostats to optimize temperatures throughout the day. Increase the temperature settings for times of the day where your home won’t be occupied. This will lower your energy bill and save money. Digital thermostats allow you to customize the comfort in your home, while saving energy.


Soaking in the sun’s rays through the window can increase the temperature in your home. Keep the blinds and curtains closed during the hottest part of the day and when no one is home to decrease temperature naturally.


Make sure the vents on your floors or walls are clean and cleared. Move any rugs, curtains, décor, or random things that are covering some or all of the vent. Covered vents don’t allow air to circulate properly which can effect the temperature of a room. This can restrict fresh air from flowing through a room, leaving the area feeling stale and stuffy.

On the Air Conditioning Unit


Dust and dirt buildup can interfere with the function of the condenser coil in your AC unit. There are many reasons you should keep your AC coils clean, especially during the height of summer. Clean coils can lower your electric bill—experts estimate that dirty coils consume as much as 37% more energy than clean coils. Dirty coils will cause your system to work harder because the dirt resting on the coils increases the total pressure in the system and causes the system to work inefficiently. And worst of all—unmaintained and unkempt AC coils can lead to a system failure or costly repairs. The wear and tear will force the unit to work harder to match the temperature on the thermostat and can eventually give up.


It’s best to change the AC filter once every 1-3 months. If you replaced your filter at the beginning of the warm season, it’s time to change it again. This ensures a healthy breathing experience in your home with clean, fresh air. Air pollutants such as pet dander and dust can get trapped in your filter causing sinus problems. Keep your home and loved ones happy with clean air. ‘


Sitting through humid summer scorchers, dry and dusty days, or windy thunderstorms can cause debris to obstruct or clog the vents on the outdoor unit of your AC. Remove any large pieces leaning on or in the unit, then use a hose to wash out the vents. This simple cleaning can increase the efficiency of the unit. Move any sticks or other debris around the area that could be a possible hazard in the future and trim back any foliage that is within 18 inches of the unit.


The condensation drain can become clogged easily, reducing the overall speed of draining. The interior portion of an air conditioner sits atop a drip pan designed to collect water if the unit’s condensation drain line becomes clogged. If you see water in the pan, check to see that insects haven’t built a nest inside the drain line. If this is the case, you can blow compressed air inside the pipe to clear the congestion. Keep in mind that clearing the clogged drain line may require the assistance from a technician.

These practical air conditioning tips are sure to keep you cool this summer. If you run into any major problems with your air conditioning unit, contact the professionals at Blue Ox Heating and Air. Our technicians are available to assist you with air conditioning repair, maintenance, and installation. Our team will help you decide what works best for your home— be it ductless air conditioners, zone air conditioners, or high-velocity air conditioners. Don’t put off the comfort of your home any longer—schedule an appointment online with Blue Ox today.