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Smart Thermostats

Your home’s thermostat is a key player in keeping you comfortable throughout the seasons of the year. By accurately sensing and controlling the temperature, the thermostat activates your heating and cooling units and helps you stay comfortable.

Over the years, traditional thermostats have gained features, such as the ability to program temperatures on a scheduled timeline. But even those advanced features still require you to physically walk over to the thermostat to do the programming.

Enter the “smart” thermostat.

What is a Smart Thermostat?

The first characteristic of a “smart thermostat” is that it is connected to your home’s wi-fi network. This enables remote control and management of thermostat features.

Other key smart thermostat features include:

  • Learning your schedule and preferences, such as what time you typically wake up and when you’re out of the house.
  • Ability to be controlled remotely, typically by using an app on your phone.
  • Ability to add remote sensors, so that the thermostat can send heating and cooling to whichever room you decide has priority.
  • Pattern analysis to diagnose poor performance. For instance, you might receive a notification that your furnace is cycling much too often, indicating the need for maintenance. This feature alone can lead to significant savings.
  • Connection with other smart-home devices, such as Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings – the list just keeps growing.
  • Stylish design. Smart thermostats look great, and they even do things like sensing your presence and displaying the temperature with large digits you can see from across the room.

Adaptable to Your Needs and Preferences

Of course, smart thermostats still do all the tried-and-true functions of traditional thermostats. You can walk up to them and adjust the temperature manually. From there, usage can be as simple or as sophisticated as you desire.

For instance, while smart thermostats can learn your movement patterns with presence detection and “smartly” predict and control temperatures based on gathered data, many users simply turn off these predictive features and enjoy only the “smart” features that suit their preferences.

It can be as simple as: Don’t want to get out of bed to go downstairs to change the temperature? No big deal – just open the app on your phone and make the change without taking a step.

At Blue Ox Heating & Air, we install and program smart thermostats so they work just how you want them to. We also provide training to get you oriented and comfortable using your upgraded device.

Long-lasting Benefits

Because smart thermostats learn your preferences and lifestyle over time by pattern recognition, they strategically cool or heat your home to your perfect temperatures when you need it. Over time, a smart thermostat can help you be more comfortable in your home, and you also can realize significant energy savings.

Plus, it sure is nice to do simple remote-control things, like when you are on a trip and you can adjust your air conditioning remotely – giving you a nice cool welcome when you get back home.

Ready to Upgrade?

If you are ready to take advantage of the benefits a smart thermostat can bring to your home, contact us at Blue Ox Heating & Air today!