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Low Humidity? Here’s How to Fix It.

Your hair is standing on end, your skin is dry, you’re getting nosebleeds, you’re developing a chronic cough, and every time you touch anything, you get a painful electric shock. It’s winter—and in Minnesota that means the air is DRY. Low humidity is a problem that can occur at any time of year, but many … Read More >


No doubt, you’re aware that humidity is a big deal, especially in the lake- (read: swamp-) filled Great North of Minnesota. But what, exactly, is humidity? What does it have to do with moisture? Why does it make some days feel hotter than usual, and some days colder? Can it really affect my health? Even … Read More >

10 Benefits to Using a Dehumidifier

There’s no doubt that undue moisture in the air can be uncomfortable. And, humidity levels that are too high can present dangers to you and your home that go beyond discomfort.  Mold and mildew can form and cause structural damage to your home. If not kept under control, these dangers could grow out of control. Here’s … Read More >