Low Humidity? Here’s How to Fix It.

Your hair is standing on end, your skin is dry, you’re getting nosebleeds, you’re developing a chronic cough, and every time you touch anything, you get a painful electric shock. It’s winter—and in Minnesota that means the air is DRY.

Low humidity is a problem that can occur at any time of year, but many people find it particularly prevalent during the winter when the air is dry. On top of all of the dryness that seems to be packaged with winter weather, dry air is a problem that is exacerbated by forced air furnaces. After completing the combustion processes, there is often hardly any humidity left!


There is a wide range of strategies you can employ to increase your home humidity levels. One elementary technique is to allow evaporation to run its natural course, thus releasing moisture into the air. For example, if you leave damp towels hanging, or a large bowl of water atop a shelf. Eventually the moisture will escape from these sources and be absorbed into the air. Although low-tech, this is a simple and somewhat effective way to increase humidity for little to no cost.

Portable Humidifiers

Many of us, particularly in winter, employ portable humidifiers. These are handy, productive, and relatively inexpensive. These are a quick and easy way to manage low humidity in your home. Typically they have a small reservoir and produce a vapor that is blown through a filter and then evaporates into the room. Some will also heat the vapor before it is expelled from the machine. These are a very effective method of temporarily addressing home humidity issues.

Whole-Home Humidifier

The most effective way to monitor humidity levels in your home is by having a whole-home humidifier installed. These systems work similarly to a furnace in that they are controlled by a humidistat. This device allows homeowners the ability to adjust their whole home humidity on a sliding scale. It also prevents pockets of dryness or excessive humidity from forming due to extended use of a portable humidifier in a particular area.

In winter, whole-home humidifiers can also raise the perceived temperature of your home. Dry air has a tendency to make everything feel colder, which prompts most people to turn up the thermostat. These humidifiers can help your general level of comfort in your home, and help you save money!

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