How to Stay Cool this Summer with a Professionally Maintained Air Conditioner | Minneapolis, MN

One of the great things about living in Minneapolis, MN is that the area is surrounded by water and places of natural beauty. The city is surrounded by 13 lakes, the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers, and lots of waterfalls, creeks, and wetlands.

There are so many beautiful spots where residents can take off their shoes, roll up their pant legs, and cool off in clean water.

However, not every day of summer can be spent relaxing in the Land of a Thousand Lakes. You’ll want your home and office to be just as comfortable as a day at the beach. The people of Minneapolis, MN know the importance of optimally functioning climate controls. Minnesotans are hyper-aware of the changing seasons because ignoring them can be dangerous.

Let the Sunshine In (as long as there is Air Conditioning)

Most people in the Mini-Apple are fonder of the summer months, but that doesn’t mean the summer months won’t bring severe weather like relentless heat and sticky humidity. Granted, it’s not like being trapped at home during an ice storm but the heat can be harmful to vulnerable populations like the elderly and children.

The long, warm days are a perfect time to explore the natural beauty in the region. The Chain of Lakes and the Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway is popular among locals and tourists for their waterfalls, abundance of wildlife, and rich forests.

After a long hike in the woods, you’ll want to return to a cool home. However, if you haven’t been overseeing regular maintenance to your air conditioner you might be in for a sticky summer.

HVAC units require routine checks to make certain they are functioning at an optimal level. Don’t wait for boiling temperatures before checking the status of your air conditioner. Managing heating and cooling appliances with a subscription service from Blue Ox will ensure you’re home will be comfortable all year long.

Don’t Sweat During a Heatwave

There are lots to do and see in Minneapolis, like the Weisman Art Museum and the famous Guthrie Theater. Prince-Town is a thriving city full of friendly entrepreneurs, families, artists, and academic professionals who understand the importance of preparing for winter and summer.

Living and working in Lil’ Valhalla requires a high level of adaptability when it comes to surviving extreme weather. In the summer, the mercury often rises into the high 90’s and throughout the winter polar conditions bring dramatic and dangerous elements.

Prepare for the next heatwave with routine maintenance of your air conditioner. Blue Ox Heating and Air Conditioning provide an affordable service that will ensure your home or office is comfortable despite what the temperature outside is.

Air Conditioning Repair

Air conditioners force cooled air through the ducts and air vents while moving oxygen throughout your home. This network of vents impacts your health. If the pathways are full of dust, debris, or other detritus then the air conditioner might not be able to function well. This may leave your house warmer than you’d like while putting more pressure on your unit.

Also, if you delay air conditioner maintenance or repair it can be much more costly than a subscription service that prevents any extensive damage. Air conditioners are complex machines that require highly skilled technicians to safely repair and maintain them.

Don’t attempt to refill the coolant yourself! Nor should you attempt any repair on your HVAC appliances. There are many dangers unaware of the inexperienced do-it-yourself-ers. The refrigerant is a perilous fluid that can cause harm to you, your family, and your pets. It must be disposed of properly to protect the natural beauty of Minneapolis, MN.

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs a NATE-Certified Technician

Air conditioners can provide immense cooling while still requiring a repair. Look out for your AC unit by being vigilant when recognizing unusual odors, warmer air, or puddles.

The Blue Ox team will make certain your air conditioner is working at optimal efficiency. Our specialized team knows how to safely clean the indoor evaporator units and the exterior condenser coils. 

The coil is built from refrigerant marks and radiation fins which include the locker of an outer air conditioning unit. The evaporator is inside the air conditioner and has an individual coil. Debris collecting in these components may reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner.

The Benefits of Proper Maintenance

  • An air conditioner lasts years longer than unmaintained units.
  • Breezy cool conditions in your home due to optimized functionality.
  • Save money by spending less on malfunctioning air conditioners.
  • Optimally-working units need less energy to run which reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Regular maintenance costs less than unexpected repairs or replacing an AC unit.

Customer Feedback

“Last summer was tough. My husband passed away in late July and that evening when I returned from the hospital the air conditioning had stopped working.

My husband dealt with all the household repairs. I’m more of a gardener but I had no idea where to begin in getting my AC fixed. I found the number for Blue Ox Heating and Air Conditioning in my husband’s phone. I called after hours in a panic. 

The lovely woman on the line was patient with me as I hysterically explained the situation. She told me a technician would be with me first thing in the morning. I told her I was due at the funeral home to solidify arrangements by 10 am. She assured me that it wouldn’t be a problem. 

True to her word, the repairman arrived at 8 am sharp. He took off his hat when he expressed his condolences for my husband. I was touched that he’d taken the time to comfort me.

The air conditioning just ran out of Freon. He refilled the coolant and the house was cool within 30 minutes of his arrival. He stayed for a few minutes to talk to me before attending to his other clientele.

I’m blown away by the care and efficiency taken by the team members at Blue Ox. I will depend on them for all my plumbing and HVAC needs. A little kindness goes a long way! Thank you! Don’t hesitate to call Blue OX!!!”

  • Greta Mullens, Linden Hills, July 2019


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