Choosing the Right Duct Cleaning Service for Your Home in Minneapolis, MN

Many people don’t realize that the pathways that allow air to flow throughout your home collect debris like dust and hair. It’s vital to hire a reliable duct cleaning service regularly to make sure your space is clean, comfortable, and safe.

Did you know there are several different areas in your home that need regular cleanings like the dryer vents, ducts, A-coils, air conditioners, water heaters, furnaces, and boilers?

The Dangers of Dirty Water Heaters and Dirty Ducts

Did you know that a dirty water heater is responsible for the majority of carbon monoxide poisoning cases? Maintaining clean ducts and dryer vents can prevent fires.

Furnace manufacturers suggest units be cleaned on an annual basis to keep them running efficiently. An efficient furnace reduces electricity costs and provides fresh air circulating in your home. 

At Blue Ox Heating and Air in Minneapolis, MN, we specialize in air duct cleaning to make sure your private spaces are healthy and clean for you and your loved ones.

Benefits of a Duct Cleaning Service

  • Improves the airflow in your home or office to save money on electricity bills.
  • Fresh air year-round.
  • Prevent fires and lint build-up.
  • Clean, well-maintained boilers reduce heating costs.
  • Perform routine maintenance on your water heater to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

A Trusted Duct Cleaning Company

Unfortunately, there isn’t a manual on how to properly maintain a home. Most people learn about appliance maintenance and duct cleaning after paying for a repair. 

Let Blue Ox help protect your home and streamline household chores with an affordable duct cleaning service.

Heating and air conditioning air flow throughout a network of pathways commonly referred to as ducts to cool or heat your home. The pathways collect dirt, hair, dust, and other detritus. 

As dust accumulates it impacts the capacity of your HVAC system and the quality of air available throughout your residence.

Entrusting your appliances to a tradesman or HVAC company is a daunting process. the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems represent a considerable investment. Only allow a NATE-certified technician to perform repairs or a duct cleaning service

A Quick Word of Advice

Carpet cleaning companies and other industries often offer duct cleaning as part of a package. These individuals usually haven’t been properly trained and may harm your HVAC system.

Keeping Your Ventilation Network Clean

It doesn’t matter if it’s a fan, an air conditioner, or a heater running inside your home because all three appliances recirculate air- which means the little dust particles and random hairs reach the registers where they get locked inside the vents.

Keeping your home or office clean helps maintain a healthy ventilation system, but only a routine duct cleaning service can safely reach and clean all of the airflow pathways in your home.

Blue Ox Heating and Air are a family run business that represents almost a century of expertise in caring for HVAC systems. We’re proud members of the Minneapolis, MN Better Business Bureau, and the Minnesota Heating & Cooling Association. Blue Ox has been awarded a certificate for North American Technician Excellence.

Does Your Home Need a Professional Duct Cleaning Service?

Some ductwork gets dirty a lot quicker than others because of where the vents are placed throughout your home. Vents located on the floor are the worst locations when it comes to attracting dust.

In contrast, vents located closer to the ceiling take longer to accumulate the same amount of debris that floor vents do.

Even vents placed half of a foot higher than the floor level vents prevent the floor dust from accumulating in the vents as fast.

Another factor to consider is your clothes dryer because it easily attracts airborne lint particles where they stay collected in the appliance creating fire hazards and poor air quality. 

Also, if there’s a furnace duct in the laundry room, lint and other debris are pulled into the system. That’s why Blue Ox recommends having your dryers’ duct cleaned at least every year.


“I called Blue Ox because I thought my heater had broken down. Within 10 minutes of the service call, the technician informed me that the entirety of the ductwork in my home was clogged with dirt! Gross! 

I take pride in how clean my home is and I never dreamed to clean the ventilation system. Once the job was finished the heat worked like a dream. I won’t let ignore my ventilation system again. 

I can even tell a difference in the air quality! I’ve already scheduled next year’s duct cleaning service with Blue Ox!”

  • Drew Thomas, January 2020, Minneapolis, MN


We just bought a new house in the Near North neighborhood. We’d had the entire home remodeled to our specifications and we were really excited to move in. 

However, we noticed a foul smell emanating from the floor registers while we were unpacking. 

My partner is pregnant and she’s so sensitive to smells that this one made her sick to her stomach.

Luckily, Blue Ox had an immediate opening that morning and had the duct cleaning service complete by lunchtime and the awful smell was gone!

I’m surprised by how affordable and quick their service was. I’ll be calling Blue Ox anytime I need a duct cleaning service, HVAC, or plumbing repair.”

  • Will Erricson, October 2019, Minneapolis, MN

A Promise from the Blue Ox Heating and Air Team

All of our field technicians are NATE-Certified to perform HVAC repair and cleanings. Each of our team members submits to an extensive background check and an alcohol and drug screening. 

We promise our employees will provide an exceptional and professional service that is always on-time, polite, values your happiness, respects your home, and abstain from smoking or cursing while on a call-out.

We’re proud to only use the highest quality heating and cooling products to make our repairs and installations. We stand by our work and if you’re not completely satisfied we’ll return our fee.

Give us a call to discuss your duct cleaning service today!

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