The Importance of Preventative Maintenance Air Conditioning Service | Minneapolis, MN

During Minneapolis, MN, hot, humid summers, your home’s air conditioning system works hard to keep you comfortable. However, without regular air conditioning service, you may face an emergency repair when you least expect it. Your friends at Blue Ox Heating & Air can help you troubleshoot small problems with preventative maintenance or show up on a hot, sweltering day for emergency HVAC service.

Preventative Maintenance Air Conditioning Service

Whether you have window units for select rooms, ductless air conditioning, or a whole-home AC system, these machines work hard. The warm summer months in Minneapolis, MN, can really do a number on your AC system. Keeping it in good repair makes a difference between a summer of comfort and an expensive emergency repair if it conks out.

Part of making sure that your cooling system is ready to go includes air conditioning service in the spring. This includes an inspection to ensure that all parts are working and if certain gears or the motor are showing signs of wear. Air conditioning service also includes changing the filter and making sure that the winter snows and ice didn’t damage the unit. Finally, air conditioners may need a top-off of coolant to ensure that they can keep you cool all summer long.

Cooling Tips

The general rule of thumb for most air conditioners is that they work best if they’re set between 20-25 degrees cooler than the temperature outside – no more. Dropping the inside temperature by more than a 25-degree difference can make the unit overheat and work too hard, causing excessive wear and tear. 

Other ways that you can have more efficient cooling are to set a “smart” thermostat, changing the setting depending on when you’re home and when you’re not, so you aren’t cooling the house unnecessarily. You may also consider making the temperature higher at night, and using a personal fan for household members who get hot at night.

Regular air conditioning service also helps your AC unit cool more efficiently. A machine with all parts in working order won’t use as much energy to get the same results as a unit that’s on the fritz.

If you currently use window air conditioning units, consider installing ductless air conditioning instead. This upgrade is more energy-efficient. Instead of cold spots and hot spots throughout each room, a ductless AC system evenly cools the room. You still have the advantages of custom temperatures for each room like you do with window air conditioners, but there’s no need to install and remove them each year. Plus, window units tend to leak, being even less efficient.

Finally, make sure that all your windows and doors are properly sealed. If you have drafts and leaks, the cool air will leak out of your home and make your unit work harder. Replace worn-out weather stripping and keep windows and doors tightly shut on hot days.

Signs You Need Air Conditioning Service

The most obvious sign that you need an HVAC service is if the unit breaks. There are signs that you need repairs before it breaks:

Rattling and Knocking Sounds

If your air conditioner is noticeably loud, especially if you notice a rattling sound or something that sounds like a pinball game, it can mean that your motor has loose parts or bearings. Knocking and rattling indicate that there’s a mechanical component that’s worn down or has come loose. Schedule air conditioning service as quickly as you can, not only because the noise is bothersome, but also because these noises can signal an imminent shut down of the AC unit.

Blowing Hot Air

If you feel warm air coming from the vents, this can signal an issue with the compressor or restricted airflow. First, check that your AC vents aren’t blocked by furniture or other items. If this doesn’t work, you’ll need air conditioner service quickly, as a damaged compressor can quickly break.

Restricted Airflow

If you can’t feel the air coming from the vents, or if it’s less than usual, then a blockage may be causing the inefficiency. This can be as simple as replacing the filter or a complicated problem, such as a blockage in the ductwork or a broken motor. Your air conditioning service can determine the root cause and remove the blockage or fix the motor. We can even recommend an energy-recovery ventilator which boosts the efficiency of your AC unit by exchanging stale air for fresh with each cycle.

High Humidity Indoors

We all know Minneapolis, MN, summers can be humid and sticky, but the inside of your home shouldn’t be. Adjusting the humidity of your home may be as simple as a re-calibration of the air conditioning unit or may require a whole-home dehumidifier. Your Blue Ox Heating and Air technicians can diagnose the problem and make the most effective recommendation.

Frequent Cycling

While your air conditioner may cycle on and off more frequently on the hottest days of summer, consistently turning off and on may indicate an air conditioner on its last legs. A professional AC technician can diagnose the problem and either fix the motor or parts or recommend replacing the unit entirely.

Water Leaks 

While AC units often have a bit of condensation, pooled water on the unit or leaks signals something more serious. First, there are issues with the unit itself, either damaged parts or a worn-out motor. Second, water leaks can damage your home and may create conditions for mold and mildew. If you notice excessive water around the unit, schedule air conditioning service right away.

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