Choosing the Right Specialist for Air Conditioning Repair | Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis, MN is one of the most exciting cities in our great nation. The diversity of different cultures living side by side as neighbors, the extraordinary nightlife, and the breathtaking natural beauty make The Mini-Apple, unlike any other state. 

The Mini-Apple is bursting with resourceful and stalwart residents who brave the humid summers and tolerate the harsh Arctic winters all just to stay in our beloved city. 

Can you imagine how difficult it would be to live here without environmental controls or modern comforts? Native tribes and settlers endured the hardships of this dramatic climate to pave the way for the people who call the Twin Cities their home today.

Advancements in Heating and Cooling Technology

Thankfully, technology has significantly advanced allowing people to find comfort despite the sweltering summers and frigid winters. However, if you don’t take proper care of your climate controls like maintaining your heating unit or if you ignore any air conditioning repair, then you might be vulnerable to the grips of winter and the oppressive heat of summer.

The savviest Minneapolitans acknowledge the value of prioritizing routine maintenance on their heating and cooling environmental controls. Thus, keeping their homes comfortable all year long. Blue Ox Heating and Air has the most trusted air conditioning repair specialists throughout Hennepin County.

Prepare for Severe Weather

The best way to protect your loved ones is to prepare for severe weather during the seasons. Don’t wait until your system completely fails before scheduling an air conditioning repair! Instead, rely on affordable and easily regular maintenance services from Blue Ox Heating & Air.

Minneapolis is a city surrounded by water. There’s the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers, the Chain of Lakes, and the Grand Rounds Scenic Byway to keep cool on lazy summer days. 

However, not every day can be spent idling by these beautiful spots and you’ll want to return to a comfortable home throughout the summer. To accomplish this goal, make sure to keep up with routine maintenance and schedule any air conditioning repair as soon as you identify an issue.

Protect Your Home

Extend the life of your appliances by taking care of your environmental units. Air conditioners require that their outdoor condenser coils and evaporators be cleaned on a regular basis. The coolant will need to be refilled. If the refrigerant is low it will negatively affect your air conditioners’ ability to cool your home.

There are many jobs necessary to keep your air conditioner operating at an optimum level. Blue Ox is passionate about keeping Minneapolis, MN homes cool while protecting the environment too. Our team members adhere to the greenest standards when it comes to conserving the beautiful state of Minnesota! 

Air Conditioning Repair Red Flags

  • Unusual Smells: occasionally, like when you first turn on your air conditioner there may be a musty scent emitted from the unit. However, if the smell continues or is too pungent then there may be mold or other elements building up in your air conditioner.
  • Puddles: if you are noticing puddles of fluid, it might be that your air conditioner is leaking coolant. This is a sign of the units’ malfunction. Consult a NATE certified HVAC technician from Blue Ox immediately.
  • Tepid Air: the refrigerant might be too low. Adding too much can damage the air conditioner leaving it to blow out lukewarm air.
  • Won’t Start: truthfully, there are lots of reasons why your unit won’t start. The technicians at Blue Ox regularly revisit the advancing technology of climate controls to maintain their specialist status as NATE-Certified HVAC tradespeople.

Keep Warm in Winter

The low temperature for a January day in Minneapolis is just 6 degrees Fahrenheit. Any local will tell you about the icy circumstances that befall the city throughout the colder months. Minnesotans are tough! We tolerate blizzards and ice storms but we’re also prepared for the extreme weather.

Check out the status of your furnace in late summer or early autumn. On a cooler evening turn on the heat and test it for a few hours. If your heater hasn’t been regularly maintained, trust a NATE-Certified professional who can help defend your home against the next Polar Vortex.

Blue Ox understands that not all repairs can be prepared for. We provide an emergency response service for any unexpected heating and air conditioning repair. We won’t leave you shivering. Our services are quick, affordable, and guaranteed for exceptional customer satisfaction.

Prepare for a Scorcher

Despite the debate about climate change, there’s no arguing that temperatures are hotter than ever before. The humidity that accompanies the arrival of summer is dangerous to chronically ill people, children, and seniors. 

Protecting your loved ones is as simple as scheduling a regularly maintained air conditioning repair service with Blue Ox.

Blossoming Technology

The way we cool our homes, offices, and commercial spaces are continually evolving which requires periodic renewal of practical information on how to maintain and care for the blossoming technology.

Our dedicated team members represent the very best air conditioning repair specialists throughout the region. We give our employees incentives to refresh their training to stay current with the fast-paced changes affecting climate control technology.

Heat and cold can be dangerous. If you’ve got a heating and air conditioning unit make sure it’s cared for by professionals who understand how important it is to maintain your units’ optimal functionality.

Blue Ox Heating & Air tradespeople take pride in the work they do. They can handle any air conditioning repair whether it be a commercial or a residential unit requiring attention. 

We promise to provide exceptional service at an affordable price. Don’t let the heat sneak up on you! Stay cool all summer long. Call Blue Ox Heating and Air today!

Photo By John Royal at Shutterstock

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