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Getting a Second Opinion from a Contractor

One of the worst things that happens in the HVAC industry is when a contractor overcharges for work. Frankly, it can give everyone in the business a bad name. If you ever receive an estimate from a technician that you think is outlandish, don’t ever be afraid to get a second opinion; doing so could save you a substantial amount of money. At Blue Ox Heating & Air, our Minneapolis professionals want to make sure you get value from your heating and cooling work.


You may run into someone who tries to scare you into authorizing work immediately, as if your life depends on giving him an immediate go-ahead. They may have legitimate concerns, but contractors should never try and prey on you in this fashion. If you are at all uncomfortable regarding the way a contractor ever tries to get you to approve work, don’t hesitate to say, “Let me think about it.” Get a second opinion as soon as you can.


There may be a time where a contractor will quote a price – without a contract – that seems too good to be true. As the saying goes, if something seems to good to be true, it probably is. Chances are, if you authorize that work the final price will be a great deal higher than what you were quoted due to “problems we didn’t expect” or something to that effect. This is another example where a second opinion is needed.

At Blue Ox Heating & Air, we will provide a free second opinion on any competitor’s repairs. Whether you need furnace repair, custom ductwork or even programmable thermostat installationcontact us if you get a quote that makes you uneasy. Have you ever been given an estimate that was ridiculously high or low? Tell us about it by clicking on one of the social media icons at the bottom of the page.