How To Make Your Heater More Efficient

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Residents from Afton to Woodland are all interested in learning how to make the most of their heating budget this winter. Living “Up North” offers many benefits like clean air and great outdoor experiences. But it also means that we endure some pretty harsh winter months. The only way the communities in this region survive is with high-quality heating systems. However, staying warm gets more challenging each time natural gas prices go up, which seems to be a constant these days.

To offer some relief to our friends and neighbors across the region, the Blue Ox Heating And Air team has created a list of tips to help keep your heater running at its peak. These are the hints and tips we use at home, and we want to pass them along to everyone for added savings on this winter’s heating bills.


There are a few parts of your furnace system that you need to keep an eye on for dust and dirt build-up. The furnace filter is the essential item on your cleaning to-do list. This filter protects the internal components from damaging dirt and dust particles. But by doing its job, it gets clogged with all that debris it is removing from the air. So it is your job to inspect the filter each month and replace it as needed. Allowing the air to flow freely will reduce the workload on your furnace and keep your energy cost more reasonable.

It is also essential to keep the space around your furnace free of boxes and other personal items. Leave three to five feet for good airflow around the furnace unit. Again, this space will let your furnace operate at peak efficiency. Finally, keep your furnace registers clean and unblocked by furniture or other objects. When registers get clogged with dirt or blocked by the sofa, much of the warm air from your furnace is not reaching the spaces you want to be heated. Make sure all registers are clear of obstacles and dust to ensure that all your warm air is getting to the living spaces in your home to keep you warm.


Installing a programmable thermostat is the perfect way to reduce your furnace’s workload when you are not at home and keep your utility bills as reasonable as possible. The latest models allow you to set a program to run during the week when you are away more often and a different one for the weekends when you are home more. In addition, the system reduces the temperature in your house slightly when you are asleep. As a result, the temperature changes when you are sleeping or away have no impact on your comfort when at home while giving your furnace a bit of a break. The result is a lower utility bill and a longer life for your furnace.

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