Furnace Maintenance

Has your furnace had maintenance for this year yet? It’s critical to get preventative maintenance done on your furnace to help it work more efficiently and to last longer without repairs or replacement. If you want lower utility bills and reliable performance, you’ll want to schedule maintenance for your furnace with Blue Ox Heating & Air.

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Blue Ox 20-Point Furnace Tune-Up

Blue Ox Heating & Air provides a 20-point tune-up for furnaces annually. This tune-up is divided into visual inspections of components, testing, and cleaning. Here is what you can expect from our technicians during a tune-up:

  • Testing of the furnace heating cycle
  • Testing the thermostat operation
  • Inspecting the gas piping and valve
  • Verifying the proper fuel ignition
  • Testing the flue temperature and recording the rise
  • Inspecting the burners and making adjustments
  • Cleaning the flame sensor
  • Testing the safety controls
  • Checking for gas leaks around the furnace
  • Inspecting the blower assembly, lubricating and making adjustments as needed
  • Testing for carbon monoxide
  • Changing out the customer supplied air filter
  • Inspecting the primary and secondary heat exchangers
  • Checking the combustion intake and exhaust pipes
  • Tightening the electrical connections and inspecting circuit boards
  • Checking the draft inducer assembly
  • Inspecting the condensate drain line for the furnace
  • Measuring gas pressures
  • Measuring power consumption
  • Checking static pressure on blower motor

The technicians provide a visual inspection of the air filters, primary and secondary heat exchangers, combustion intake and exhaust piping, electrical connections and circuit boards, blower assembly, furnace condensate drain line and draft inducer assembly.

Give Blue Ox Heating & Air a call today for a 20-point furnace tune-up or any other repair issue you have.

Advantages of a Tune-Up

It’s easy to skip over preventative maintenance until you understand the benefits.

  • Reduce your heating bills because the furnace is more efficient when it’s clean and lubricated.
  • Reduce repair bills because the technician has already identified potential issues and you got them taken care of. It also lowers the need for repairs because you reduce the stress on the furnace when it’s kept clean.
  • Reduced need for replacement of the furnace because regular tune-ups help your system last longer and reduces wear and tear.
  • Preserve the warranty with regular maintenance because some warranty companies require proof of regular care. Otherwise, you could void your warranty.
  • Improve the comfort level of your home because it works more efficiently and can reach the desired temperature for optimal performance.

Schedule Your Home Furnace Maintenance

Our goal here at Blue Ox is to keep your furnace and HVAC system working in prime condition. We want it to run efficiently and smoothly for you, which is why we recommend signing up for the Legendary Care Club. It only costs $12.50 per month to get an annual furnace and air conditioner tune-up. It only costs $12.50 per month to get an annual furnace and air conditioner tune-up. As a member, you also get 15 percent off of repairs as well as 5 percent off new equipment. Schedule your next appointment now for furnace maintenance with Blue Ox Heating & Air.


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