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Airflow-Based Heating and AC Systems Offer Many Health-Enhancing Add-on Options

In the process of circulating and heating or cooling your home’s air, your system provides many opportunities to improve the air that you breathe. These include specialized filters, pathogen removal, circulation management options using zones, and intelligent temperature and humidity control. Here in the Minneapolis, MN area, you need a versatile heating and AC system to keep up with year-round climate variations from hot and humid to freezing cold.

Specialized Filters for Purer Air and Fewer Allergies

Standard and HEPA filtration systems remove dust and airborne material from the air and, in the case of HEPA, filter out particles down to a very small size. These filters are so comprehensive that HEPA filters are used to keep air pure in precision manufacturing and laboratory environments. Ask our heating and AC repair experts about installing one to extract allergens and other microscopic impurities from your air. An important note — if you opt to use a filtration system like this, make sure that your heating and AC repair and maintenance visits include regular filter changes.

Filtering Allergens and Pathogens

The use of HEPA and electrostatic air filters ensures that airborne allergens are removed and many pathogens filtered out as well. This helps your family members who are sensitive to seasonal pollen, pet dander, and other particles. They can breathe more easily when they are indoors in your home, even when the outdoor air is difficult to tolerate. It’s important to include filtration in your heating and AC repair plans for healthier air.

Humidity Adds Comfort in Winter and Helps Bodies Fight Colds

Dry winter air in Minneapolis, MN benefits enormously from the addition of a bit of moisture, allowing the body’s natural defenses such as nasal passages to stay active and moist. It also helps everyone to stay more comfortable and prevents dry skin and static crackles in their hair. Our technicians can add a water line to your system to supply a built-in humidifying unit so you don’t need individual room humidifiers.

Dehumidifying Keeps Summer Air Dryer and More Comfortable

Humid summer air doesn’t have to penetrate into your home. An HVAC system dehumidifier condenses moisture out of the air that circulates through your home air conditioning system, providing greater comfort as the moisture content of your home’s cool air is carefully regulated. You’ll hardly know that it’s summer outside.

Duct Cleaning — an Important Part of Home Air Quality Management

The air ducts that your system uses when taking in air to heat and cool, and the distribution ducts that reach to the ends of your home can accumulate dust, dirt, pet material and other airborne particles. Depending on the season, mold and bacteria can also accumulate and grow in the deposited material along the insides of your ducts. Regular cleaning and sanitizing of your home’s air ducts goes a long way towards keeping your air clean, too.

UV Light Neutralizes Pathogens

Concerns about airborne infections have increased awareness of ultraviolet or UV light in neutralizing pathogens. These lights have been used in food service and medical establishments for many decades, and are available for installation as part of home heating and AC repair or on a separate visit.

AC/Heating System Issues and Modern Solutions

Over time, your AC unit’s compressor and coils and your heating system’s burner and heat exchanger may need heating and AC repair services. You can gain efficiency as you upgrade your equipment, but it might also be time to consider the use of different technologies that have been developed in recent years. Your family’s health and your budget as well may benefit from the use of heat pumps, solar heating, specialized shade systems and window filters. Ask us to explain what’s available and how it may help you.

Tuneups and AC service

Seasonal attention to heating and AC repair and maintenance ensures reliable operation of your units when they are in service. It also helps keep them at the ready when seasons change so that family members can live in a comfortable, managed, predictable environment at home.

Non-Duct Systems

If your heating system is steam or hot water-based, you probably still use window air conditioners to provide cooling in the summer. When we’re visiting to do an off-season tuneup of your heating system, it’s the perfect time for us to check your AC units and make sure they’re running at top efficiency by cleaning the coils and ensuring that the compressor is operating correctly. Our heating and AC repair professionals can provide information on specialized ductless units that install in each room to bring the comfort of air conditioning to your whole home.

Zoning for More Natural Heating and Cooling Temperature Control

One of the most important ways you can upgrade your heating and AC system for efficiency and health is to have our heating and AC repair specialists divide the system so that it serves individual zones throughout your home. Your body responds well to cooler air when your sleep, and you may find that warmer temperatures are preferable in other rooms, especially if your family members are older. Zoned systems allow you to specify target temperatures that keep the body’s needs in mind.

Smart Home-Ready Solutions

With the addition of wireless sensors, your heating and AC systems can be integrated with your smart home control system for programmable operation and remote monitoring and operation. This can be especially helpful, along with zone-managed systems, for providing managed comfort that helps seniors or other residents with special health needs.

Call for a Consultation to Improve Your Family’s Air

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