Staying Comfortable All Year Long in Minneapolis, MN | Insight from Your Trusted Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Service Provider

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to live in the Mini-Apple without modern conveniences? Less than a few hundred years ago, the Dakota, Sioux, and Ojibwa endured harsh, Arctic winters, and oppressively hot summers.

Luckily, modern climate control technology like furnaces, boilers, air conditioners, and ductwork all make living in Minneapolis, MN a lot less stressful for residential daily life.

Allowing the good people of Lil’ Valhalla to spend more time being comfortable and less time worrying about environmental controls.

Proactive Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Saves Money

Living through a polar winter with a malfunctioning heating system can instill a priority to maintain the heating unit for future freezing seasons to come. Heating and AC repair are often only relied upon when the unit starts to become faulty.

Maintaining an HVAC system can extend the life of your appliances and can save you money on electricity rates. An air conditioner on the fritz can cost an additional 30% to your energy bill.

Heating and air conditioning repair are necessary for any optimally operating system. If the HVAC system is neglected, it can shorten the life of your appliances. Thus, requiring a new heater and an air conditioner.

Reasons for Routine Maintenance

Heating and air conditioning repair and maintenance protect your home from the high and freezing temperatures and provide clean air circulating in your environment.

Routine service can extend the length of air conditioners and heaters. Blue Ox Heating & Air offer an affordable subscription service.

With Blue Ox Heating & Air, your home is always protected.

  • Fewer surprise heating and air conditioning repair costs. Saving homes up to 30% on electricity tariffs.
  • Protect the integrity of appliances and extends the units’ lifespan.
  • Energy Star rated appliances lower carbon footprints.
  • Cooler rooms in the summer and warmer places to cuddle up in the winter.

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Services that Strive to Protect the Community

Blue Ox Heating & Air realize that modern life is wrought with risks. Blue Ox is a family business with decades of experience to provide the most trusted HVAC services in Minneapolis, MN.

While welcoming a stranger into your space is a necessary circumstance, it can be a stressful decision choosing who to trust inside your home.

Blue Ox takes the guesswork out of hiring the right heating and AC service team.

The Best and the Brightest

We select and recruit the best and brightest associates. Our team members undergo extensive background checks and alcohol and drug screens.

We ensure they possess the range of skills necessary to tackle any heating and air conditioner issues that can arise in the field.

Blue Ox routinely offers our employees with incentives to refresh their expertise by visiting appliance factories to retrain and understand developing HVAC technologies.

Warning Signs It Is Time to Schedule a Heating and Air Conditioning Repair

Heating and air conditioning repair is a varied industry. HVAC problems come in all shapes, sizes, and occur for a myriad of different reasons. However, there are a few common symptoms to keep an eye out for if you suspect your heater or AC needs attention.

  1. Puddles – Water or any fluid collecting around an air conditioner can be dangerous for children and pets because it may contain refrigerants. Puddles may indicate that the air conditioner is working too hard and struggling to meet the cooling demands of your environment.
  2. Unusual Sounds – Heaters and air conditioners make noise. However, if the unit begins to make whirring or banging noises then schedule a heating and AC service immediately before the blowers are damaged.
  3. Weird Smells – HVAC units have lots of little spaces where small animals, mold, and other detritus easily grow. Usually, an annual air filter change and a duct cleaning service can prevent dust and such from collecting and negatively impacting the air quality in your home.
  4. Reduced Performance – There is no reason a new heater or a new air conditioner should not be providing top-notch service. Professional installation and routine maintenance will extend the life of your climate control appliances and save you money on your electricity bills. Older units that have not to be maintained tend to need replacing much sooner than their counterparts.
  5. Freon – If your air conditioner uses the refrigerant ‘Freon’ then it might be time to invest in a new unit. Freon has been slowly phased out of use in the United States because of the corrosive properties and damage it causes to the environment. Consequently, finding Freon to refill air conditioning units is difficult and expensive. Heating and air conditioning repair involving the fluid will also be significantly more expensive than the upkeep on newer models.

Proud HVAC Technicians

Blue Ox Heating & Air opened for business in 2013 and grew as a community-centric service that is proud to offer an exceptionally-skilled tradespeople while remaining friendly and affordable.

We observe the guidelines provided by the North American Technicians for Excellence and all of our field technicians are NATE-certified. Blue Ox is a contributing member to the Minneapolis Heating and Cooling Association and leads the way in the mid-western HVAC industry.

Clean air is a priority for every home. Blue Ox in Minneapolis, MN offers a wide array of services to keep the air fresh in your environment. A perfect way to easily clean your ducts is to hire a professional who knows how to negotiate the delicate airways quickly and efficiently.

Heating and air conditioning repair do not always happen Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and that is precisely why we offer affordable emergency services to get your home nice and cozy or cool and calm in a jiffy.

All of our services are guaranteed or we will make it right! Blue Ox Heating & Air is happy to discuss any HVAC need that your home might have and we can provide you with a free estimate. Call one of our friendly associates to discuss the promotions available and how we can help you!

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