Need Heat? Top Minnesota Heating Assistance Resources

Keeping the heat on during the winter is a concern for many Minnesotans, but Minnesota heating assistance is available for those who qualify. The Minnesota Department of Commerce offers an Energy Assistance Program to homeowners and renters that fall within certain income guidelines. They can resolve disconnections, provide education on ways to conserve energy, and reduce your heating and electricity costs.

Applicants must apply by June 1st for heating assistance for the following winter. Here’s how the EAP helps eligible Minnesota residents:

  • Provides direct payment to the energy supplier.
  • Educates consumers to use home heating energy efficiently and safely.
  • Advocates with energy suppliers and human service providers on behalf of utility customers.
  • Crisis help for utility disconnections.
  • Emergency heating system repair or replacement.

Read the EAP Guidelines to find out if you qualify for heating services through the program. If you do, you can apply here.

Cold Weather Rule

In the state of Minnesota, there is a Cold Weather Rule that states eligible residential energy customers are protected from service disconnection from October 15 through April 15 provided the disconnection would affect the customer’s primary heating source. Eligible customers must commit to a monthly payment not to exceed 10% of household income.

If you don’t qualify for EAP or other discounts, your energy company may be able to work out payment arrangements for you. To avoid disconnection, customers who receive a notice of proposed disconnection must immediately contact the utility company and commit to a payment plan.