Miracle Redemption Welcomes New Way to Stay Cool

Built in the early 1900s, the character of Miracle Redemption Christian Center International is woven into its intricate stained glass windows, elegant arched ceiling and, until recently, the sound of tired fans blowing inside the church to keep attendees cool.

Installing ductless air conditioning system was the answer, and thanks to some great recommendations, Blue Ox Heating and Air was called in to survey the building. Sales Manager Matt Weber couldn’t help but notice people sweating inside the building as they thanked him and his team for how they were about to transform the church. Our staff had a chance to catch up with Matt and ask him how the air conditioner installation was done.

The Process

Miracle Redemption Christian Center decided to install a mini-split air conditioner system, which consists of two main components — one outside and one inside. Due to the size of the sanctuary, Blue Ox Heating and Air installed two heads inside for every unit outside, resulting in eight heads in the sanctuary and only four units outside.

Nearly 10 people were involved with the two-week process that was nearly five times larger in scope than a typical ac-installation job. While the average residential home can be completed in as little as one day, Miracle Redemption Christian Center’s spacious sanctuary meant members of the church would have to wait a few more days to enjoy their cool, comfortable Sunday mornings.

The equipment required to complete the project was relatively similar to that of a normal mini-split air conditioning system installation in a home. Challenges were minimal, and the biggest difference was the unique design and size of the church.

The Reactions

The end result was priceless. The members of Miracle Redemption Christian Center reminded Matt of his favorite part of his job: seeing customers’ reactions. The project wasn’t typical for Blue Ox Heating and Air, but the company was quick to recognize an opportunity to make an impact on the local Minneapolis church and take on a welcome challenge.

At Miracle Redemption Christian Center, hundreds of active worshipers fill the sanctuary every Sunday morning with arms outstretched. Though they said goodbye to the large fans that temporarily remedied the heat, they’re joyful to worship in a cool, crisp building with a fully functioning mini-split air conditioning system instead of no air conditioner at all.

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