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The Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers converge in the Twin Cities. St. Paul, MN is on the east bank of the Mississippi River and is home to more than a quarter-of-a-million community members. Long before European settlers colonized the area the Hopewell Native Americans lived here leaving behind burial mounds as proof of their presence.

It is difficult to imagine what living in the region would be like without the modern conveniences of running water, heating, and air conditioning. These aspects of daily life are often taken for granted until they stop working.

The bitter fingers of Jack Frost wrap around every part of Minnesota during the winter months. Imagine what it would be like to brave the winter without central heating. However, the brutal winter isn’t the only dangerous season. Risks come with the long, sunny days of summer due to the higher risk of burns, sunstroke, dehydration, and heat sickness.

Air conditioners are not simply nice to have when the Mercury bolts upwards past the 100-degree mark. A cool home during the hot weather is a necessity for families with children, seniors, or ill people because they remain more vulnerable to the perils associated with steamy weather.

How to Recognize When You Need an Air Conditioning Repair

Chances are you don’t think about the well-being of your air conditioner very often which can lead to an interruption in cooling service during a heatwave! The very best way to prevent such a situation is to subscribe to a routine maintenance service that performs an exhaustive review of the system and prepares the appliance for the upcoming summer season.

However, if you don’t have a routine maintenance schedule, it is important to be aware of the biggest red flags when it comes to the functionality of the air conditioner.

  • Interior and Exterior Water Puddles – A huge signal that something isn’t right is finding puddles inside or outside (near the unit) regularly. The AC may be leaking refrigerant which is harmful to pets and children. Do not attempt an air conditioning repair when liquid is coming from the unit. Consult a trained expert!
  • The Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On – Few other situations cause as much sweat as a broken air conditioner. There are tons of reasons why the AC doesn’t turn on. Only a NATE-Certified HVAC trades-person will be able to properly identify the issue and perform an efficient air conditioning repair.
  • Horrible Smells – An air conditioner will smell from time to time, but the scent shouldn’t be overpowering or extremely unpleasant. Treat burning and potent smells as a warning that it is past the time to call Blue Ox for an air conditioning repair.
  • Lukewarm Air – Typically, this an indicator that the refrigerant is low. Adding too much or too little coolant can harm the air conditioner preventing it from producing cooler air. Refrigerants can be dangerous to people and animals. The remaining coolant will need to be disposed of properly. Save yourself the trouble and schedule an air conditioning repair with Blue Ox instead of merely putting a tepid band-aid on the problem.

Eco-Friendly Appliances and Green Air Conditioning Repair

Many people assume that green choices will automatically cost more money, but that is not entirely true. LED light bulbs are a good example of an environmentally-sustainable option that will cost more initially, but over time will reduce the amount of electricity used to illuminate a space, last 50 percent longer than traditional bulbs, and all while reducing the homes’ carbon footprint.

Energy Star is a nationally supported program that helps consumers make choices to protect the environment and reduces the amount of money they fork over to the electricity company every month.

Many Energy Star air conditioners dramatically lessen the amount of energy necessary to cool a home or office. The technological advancements in the HVAC industry are getting greener by the day due to manufacturers understanding the consumer demand for products that do more than guzzle energy.

Old AC units usually depend on Freon to provide coolness. Freon has been slowly phased out from the industry due to the high amount of CFCs and HCFCs found in the chemical which damages the Earth’s ozone layer. An old unit will cost more to fix because Freon is hard to find. Any Freon-based air conditioning repair will quickly double the cost of the service.

A Trusted HVAC Company

The team at Blue Ox Heating and Air are proud to be members of the St. Paul, MN community. Our employees are hired for their exceptional skills, friendly customer service, and a commitment to conducting themselves with honesty and integrity.

The pricing structure at Blue Ox Heating & Air is transparent. We want you to know from the beginning what the air conditioning repair or another HVAC service will cost you. Our team members will never try to upsell you a service you don’t need or mislead you into signing off on an air conditioning repair that isn’t necessary.

Our HVAC technicians periodically revisit their training to stay current with budding technologies and they submit to a full background check and regular drug and alcohol screenings. We won’t send a technician to your home unless we would trust them in ours!


“My mom’s 80th birthday was the first time in her life that she had a huge birthday party with a little more than 200 guests. I’d organized the entire soiree from appetizers to champagne toasts. My husband argued to have the shindig at our house in Long Lake but because many of our guests are elderly it made sense to have the party at my parent’s home in Edina.

My parents’ estate is a beautiful lakefront property but my mom stopped looking after the grounds when my father died in 2018. I had no idea when I was planning the party that the air conditioner hadn’t been serviced since the year before dad passed away.

The day before the party my mom called in a panic. She said the house was “an oven.” My mother tends to worry and she was already in the mindset to cancel her special birthday celebration. I spent the next hour calling every HVAC company in the Twin Cities. Many of them couldn’t squeeze us in promptly and one of them wanted a deposit of $500 just to schedule the appointment!

I know zero about air conditioning repair but I do know spectacular customer service when I see it. I rang Blue Ox with defeat in my voice. I expected to be brushed off but the woman on the other line asked me to hold. I could hear her explaining the situation to the staff. I heard three technicians volunteer to work overtime so my mom’s 80th birthday party could go on as scheduled.

Blue Ox saved the day! By the time the air conditioning repair was finished, it was time to get ready for the event. The house stayed blissfully cool even with 200 guests rattling around!” Thank you Blue Ox Heating and Air! Don’t delay calling the helpful and friendly team at Blue Ox!”

Susan Hood, St. Paul, MN, August 2019

Photo By Monkey Business Images at Shutterstock