Investing in Superior Air Conditioner Installation | Minneapolis, MN

Investing in Superior Air Conditioner Installation | Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis, MN is the ‘City of Lakes’ with 13 lakes, waterfalls, and creeks giving the city its nickname. The Mississippi River runs between Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN which adds more scenic views to the landscape.

Minneapolis is the 46th largest city in the United States making it the second-most densely populated urban expanse after Chicago, Illinois in the Midwest. There are nearly four million people living in the Twin Cities surviving the harsh winters and relishing the muggy summer days.

As the sun sets for the day many people return home looking forward to relaxing in the coolness provided by their trusted air conditioner. Just as heating is necessary to endure the frigid winters in the Twin Cities, so are energy-efficient air conditioners to withstand the humidity and heat.

Heatstroke, heat exhaustion, and dehydration are common conditions seen at local emergency rooms when vulnerable populations (children, seniors, and individuals with health issues) do not have access to appropriate environmental controls.

An air conditioner protects people from the oppressive heat. However, it is wise to choose an air conditioner that is suitable for the area it services and meets the occupants’ cooling needs. Blue Ox Heating & Air have conducted superior air conditioner installation for many years and the proof of our team’s expertise can be found in all of our client’s cool and comfortable homes and offices.

Air Conditioner Installation

An air conditioner installation is not a task that should be left to do-it-yourselfers. A central AC unit is a serious investment and if it isn’t efficiently hooked up you may be stressing the air conditioner and quickly wearing down its components.

A professional air conditioner installation can protect your climate control unit by ensuring that every part is where it should be and is functioning as the manufacturer intended. The NATE-Certified team at Blue Ox Heating & Air regularly refresh their skills to stay current of developing technologies and to possess the most up-to-date methods of maintaining and repairing air conditioners.

Blue Ox Heating & Air know air conditioner installation and repair. Our employees are chosen for their strong work ethic, exceptional customer service, and their willingness to continue learning their trade. We care about our clients and want you to remain nice and cool in the summer and warm and toasty during the winter.

Is Time to Hire an Air Conditioner Installation Service?

Heating and air conditioning are elements of the home that are easily taken for granted until you wake up one January morning with frozen toes or until August rolls around and the air conditioner decides to stop working. It’s best to plan for replacing climate control units because the foresight will keep your environment comfortable. The best way to maintain the quality of your appliances is to regularly service them and routinely clean the air ducts where the air flows. Blue Ox Heating & Air offer a subscription service that will streamline caring for your climate controls and ensure that they always work when you need them to.

Red Flags You Need a New Air Conditioner

  • Exorbitant Electric Bills – An unexpected rise in an electricity BILL means something connected to the electrical grid is working harder than it should. An Air conditioner will drain more and more electricity to meet the cooling perimeters set by you. If you experience a spike in your electricity bill just as the hot weather arrives then it is reasonable to assume your AC needs to be replaced.
  • The AC Unit Uses Freon – The 1992 Montreal Protocol set out to stop the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) due to damage they cause to the ozone layer. Freon is full of these polluting elements and is dangerous to animals and children. Old air conditioners use freon to provide cooling effects, but once the freon has run out it will be difficult to refill due to the ban on CFCs and HCFCs. Also, freon-based AC units use a lot more electricity than their modern counterparts reducing electricity use by nearly 50 percent.
  • The Air Conditioner is Making Unusual Noises – AC units are noisy. Just ask anyone with a bedroom window overlooking the central air conditioner outside! Many noises are perfectly acceptable but grinding, clunking, knocking or any other odd sound might mean it’s time to call Blue Ox the air conditioner installation professionals.
  • Frequent Breakdowns – Older air conditioners and units with faulty parts (like a broken compressor) raise electric bills and incur continual repairs. While buying a new energy-efficient AC and hiring an expert to conduct the air conditioner installation is an investment it will end up saving money in the long run. Don’t get caught in a cycle of endless repairs. Give Blue Ox a call to discuss your options.

Constant, pricey repairs are a huge red flag that you need a new air conditioner. Many people shy away from replacing their old, clunky, poorly functioning units because they don’t think they can afford new cooling technology.

The team at Blue Ox Heating & Air care about the Minneapolis, MN community. We take pride in the work we do and want our services to be accessible to the entire community. In order to accomplish this goal, we regularly offer specials and discounts on our website to help allay the costs of a professional air conditioner installation.


“My Wife and I just moved to the Twin Cities from Knoxville, Tennessee. I knew that the winters would be an adjustment. Everybody in the U.S. has an idea of how harsh winters are in the northern Midwest. But I was not ready for the heat. I wrongly assumed the long winters would mean milder summers, but no! We toughed it out with the old AC until mid-June before me and my wife could not take it anymore. I called a few HVAC companies but the only service who volunteered to explain the process and our choices were Blue Ox Heating & Air. They helped us through every stage of the air conditioner installation process and never made us feel like we were underfoot. The job was exceptionally done and cost less than we’d budget for! Thank you Blue Ox Heating & Air! You will be our first call the next time our HVAC services go belly up!”

Charles Bigelow, Minneapolis, MN, July 2020

Photo By Liberina at Shutterstock