Heat Pumps in Cold Weather


Is winter getting the better of your home heating system? If these sub-zero temperatures are sending your furnace into overdrive, but your home doesn’t ever seem to warm up, it may be time to try something different.

Heat pumps shift warm air from where it’s not needed to where it is. In some homes, people find that their heat pools in a largely unused area of the house. During the winter, heat pumps will pull heat from inside your home and distribute it to a different place in your home. During the summer, they pull heat from inside of your home and push it outside.

While furnaces create heat, heat pumps only move heat from one place to another. This means that once your pump is installed, it will run on electricity while you save on fuel consumption. In some climates, heat pumps are reasonable solutions in place of a furnace or other central heat system. Unfortunately Minnesotans don’t have the luxury of using a heat pump exclusively. However, you can save money, energy, and wear on your existing furnace by installing a heat pump in your home today!

This exhausting winter won’t last forever, but before you know it we’ll be complaining about the excessive heat—and you’ll be happy your heat pump is removing the hot air from your home!

For more information on heat pumps or to have a Blue Ox Heating & Air HVAC specialist install one in your home, call us or submit a service request now 952-563-3012!

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