Babe’s Guide to Showing Your Furnace a Little Love

During our cold Minnesota winters, my love for Bessie the Yeller Cow keeps me warm in the ice and snow. While that may work for a blue ox like me, showing a little love to your HVAC system is the best way for homeowners to guarantee a comfy home all season long. Here’s what you can do to keep your furnace burning brightly from year to year.

How to Care for Your HVAC System

1. Change the Filter Regularly

Air filters are a crucial component to your HVAC system’s function, as they trap allergens, dust, and other particles in the air to ensure the air you breathe is clean. To perform this task as efficiently as possible, though, they must be replaced every few months. When you leave an air filter for too long, dust and allergens build up worse than any log jam I’ve seen at work with Paul. As a result, your system has to work harder to deliver sufficient heating to your home. For the best performance possible, make this step a regular to-do every season, not just during winter, and if you have pets, up this replacement to every other month due to pet dander.

2. Address Inconsistent Performance Immediately

When your furnace is making a funny noise or isn’t doing its job as effectively as you’d like, it’s common for homeowners to put off calling the pros. In reality, though, avoiding small repairs will eventually result in hefty ones if you leave them to fester. A loud humming noise could mean a part is loose or the circuit breaker has overloaded, while the rattling of some debris in your system can cause damage if not addressed. Call your HVAC technician as soon as problems arise so you don’t have to front the cost of replacing the whole system earlier than you should.

3. Schedule Regular Maintenance

Even if your HVAC system and your home are the ultimate power couple of home comfort, it’s essential to give your unit a little TLC every year. An HVAC technician will keep your system running well for years to come with regular tune-ups in standard problem areas. While the occasional loose screw won’t ruin your furnace, letting little problems snowball to create big ones will force your unit to work inefficiently, costing you more money on your energy bill and your repair costs. Schedule annual maintenance at the same time every year so that it becomes a perennial tradition.


HVAC systems and regular maintenance are the best match made since Bessie and I found each other. In the Twin Cities, MN, homeowners turn to my buddies at Blue Ox Heating & Air for premium service for all your HVAC needs. For more information and to schedule an appointment, give us a call today at (952) 563-3012.