3 Things to Do to Prepare Your Air Conditioning Unit for the Summer | Tips from Your Trusted St. Paul, MN Heating and AC Repair Service Provider

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With global warming, the summers are getting hotter, with the second hottest summer day in history recorded last year. Unfortunately, things don’t appear to be improving, and you should expect summer to be just as hot this year as it was last year. Summers are also likely going to get hotter and warmer as time goes on.

This means that you’re likely going to have to rely on your air conditioning unit to make it through the summer. With summer quickly approaching, now is the time to prepare your air conditioning unit for the hard labor ahead. Get the heating and AC repair that you need now in St. Paul, MN before the season gets busy. Here are 3 things that you can do in preparation for summer.

Replace the Filter on Your Air Conditioner

How is the air quality inside your house? Do you find the air to be stuffy? Or, maybe, you’ve noticed that your hay fever had been acting up last year. There’s a good chance that you need to replace the filter on your AC. If you don’t know how to do this yourself or if you don’t know what the different types of filters are available, call us for heating and AC repair services.

There are many different types of filters that might be compatible with your air conditioning unit. Here are several different options that you may be able to choose from:

  • Fiberglass Air Filters.These filters tend to be the most affordable ones. They are disposable and do an excellent job of filtering out dust and pollutants. With that said, it’s not as effective as many other filters as it has the lowest straining ability out of all of the different types of options available.
  • Electrostatic Air Filters. Instead of acting as a physical barrier, these filters use an electrostatic charge to filter all airborne articles from your house. Some of these filters are washable.
  • Pleated Filters. These filters are generally made of polyester fabrics or even cotton folds. These filters perform slightly better than fiberglass air filters and are also an excellent option for those who are looking to filter dust and other pollutants from the air that’s being circulated inside their house.

The type of filter that’s best for your AC unit may depend on the model and make of your unit. You might need one of our experts to come out for heating and AC repair in St. Paul, MN to assess the situation.

Clean the Unit for Optimal Efficacy

If the inside of your unit is dirty, it might not run as effectively and efficiently as you’d like. This might mean that your unit is using up a lot of energy. In preparation for the summer, you should really consider hiring a heating and AC repair service to come take your AC unit apart and clean all of the nooks and crannies. Cleaning your unit will also ensure that your filters don’t get clogged up as easily.

If you’re not familiar with the different compartments and parts of an AC unit, it’s always a good idea to hire a heating and AC repair service to take a look. A professional eye will be able to spot all of the areas that need cleaning. Also, a professional can easily assemble and disassemble an AC unit in record time. They’ll make sure that all of the right parts are installed at the proper places.

Check for Leaks and Other Types of Damage

Last but not least, you’ll need to check the AC unit for leaks and other types of damages. It’s not unusual for many AC units to start leaking coolant. Some parts may start to come apart or may be loose, which means that your AC may also not run as efficiently and effectively as before.

It’s always a good idea to schedule maintenance for both your air conditioning and heating system with a HVAC technician. You should get heating and AC repair services before you turn on your AC. Some of the things that an HVAC technician will look for when conducting heating and AC repair include:

  • An inspection of the air conditioner’s coils. In most cases, they’ll want to do a quick cleaning as well. It’s important that there are no leaks in the coils. Otherwise, you can easily rack up a huge bill in the summer.
  • An inspection of the coil fins. Most AC units will have aluminum fins on the evaporator and the condenser coils. These fins can be easily bent out of shape from just regular use. If the fins are not properly aligned, they will block airflow through the coil, which means that you can be running your AC unit on full power and still not feel as if the temperature in your house is really getting lowered.

Dings, scratches and holes will also need to be inspected. A trained eye will be able to assess the situation to give you a better idea of the heating and AC repair that you need.

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