4 Creative Ways to Hide Your Thermostat

Your home décor is nearly perfect — until you glance at the eyesore hanging on your living room wall.

Your thermostat is an essential element in your home, but you’d much rather choose a stylish decoration instead of the dull-looking box.

You can’t get rid of it, so you might as well embrace it — and we’ve got the perfect tricks to dress up or hide your thermostat in your home.

1. Frame it

If you’re worried about integrating your thermostat into your space, why not embrace its presence instead? Shop around for a small, empty photo frame and place it on your wall to frame the thermostat itself. It’ll stand out, but at least you have a nice frame to counter the dull-looking piece of HVAC equipment.

2. Make it part of a gallery wall

The gallery wall you’ve been meaning to create will flow nicely even with a thermostat. When you place dozens (or even just a few) photos and frames around your thermostat, your eyes will be drawn to the pictures of your family instead of your temperature control unit. Hide it in plain sight.

3. Incorporate it into a chalkboard

Do you like putting to-do lists and reminders out in plain sight? If you’re up for a little DIY project, use the wall your thermostat is on and create a chalkboard with a small cutout piece to incorporate the thermostat. When it’s framed inside the chalkboard alongside your grocery list — or the kids’ doodles — your thermostat will become a considered part of your home.

4. Paint it the same color as your wall

If that stark white thermostat doesn’t pair well with the deep, rich brown color on your hallway wall, you can find the same shade and carefully paint the thermostat to match. Instead of allowing your thermostat to stand out, incorporate it into the design of your home by painting it to blend in.

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