High Velocity Air Conditioning Installation

Many Minneapolis/St. Paul area homeowners are unaware that air conditioning technology has significantly improved in the last decade or two. While they know that the air conditioning equipment built today is more energy-efficient than the older systems, they do not know that there is a new type of air conditioning called High Velocity A/C. It offers better cooling and is much less destructive to install in a home with no air conditioning system. And as you might expect, the local experts offering this system more affordable than any others is Blue Ox Heating And Air. Call 952-208-4570 to learn more about a high velocity A/C installation in your home.

What Is High Velocity A/C?

As you might have guessed from the name, high velocity air conditioning moves the cooled air through your home more quickly and with more force than a traditional A/C system. In addition to the added power behind the cooled air, the system uses small diameter tubing to transport the cooled air throughout your home. And small circular vents introduce the air to the various rooms in your house.

The Benefits Of High Velocity A/C

The installation process is the most significant benefit of a high velocity A/C system. Because these units use a small flexible piece of tubing to distribute the cooled air, there is no need to destroy walls and floors to install an intricate ductwork system. Instead, there is minimal destruction of the tubing and the installation of small circular vents in walls and floors. So high velocity air conditioning is perfect for retrofitting an older home that does not have A/C.

In many cases, owners of older homes have been resorting to window air conditioners that are unsightly, loud, and expensive to operate. When a high velocity air conditioner is installed in these houses, the owners are excited to enjoy far more temperature control, less noise from the cooling system, and a massive decrease in their operating cost for the new cooling system.

In addition, many builders are recommending high velocity A/C installations in new homes to eliminate the cost of installing ductwork. Purchasing the approximately 2-inch diameter flex tubing is much more affordable than the larger metal duct material and less labor-intensive to install between the studs inside the walls and floors. Once installed, homeowners are pleased to discover that the cooled air creates fewer humidity issues because the high velocity A/C units use less air to cool the space.

The Added Value Of Professional Installation

The value of working with the pros at Blue Ox Heating And Air for a high velocity A/C will become very apparent when the installation is completed. For example, some homeowners find that the vents' location and airflow can be distracting. However, with years of experience designing and installing these cooling systems, our experts understand and eliminate these issues during the system design phase.

Call 952-208-4570 to speak to the Blue Ox Heating And Air high velocity air conditioning experts to learn more about this innovative cooling option for your home.

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