High Velocity Air Conditioning Installation

High Velocity Air Conditioning Installation in Minneapolis,MN

Blue Ox Heating & Air keeps up to date on the latest in high velocity air conditioning technology and always come prepared to offer property owners the best HVAC service possible. Your needs are our priority, so we make sure to get the job done right.

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How High Velocity HVAC Works

A high velocity air conditioning draws air over cooling coils instead of pushing it like traditional AC units do. Most mini-duct air conditioning units use coils with a large surface area. This creates colder air currents, thus reducing the costs of running the system.

Benefits of High Velocity Air Conditioning

  • Consistent Airflow: The circulation system of a high velocity central air-conditioning system is designed to create even airflow in every room of the house. They generally come with many vents that are appropriately placed throughout the home to better facilitate those efforts.
  • Fast & Efficient: Using half of the airflow of a conventional A/C unit, a high velocity air conditioner can quickly cool a room. They also typically eliminate 30 percent more of the air’s moisture than a standard system can.
  • Smaller Ducts: Mini-duct air conditioners don’t require extensive renovation or bulky ducts. This is a benefit for those who have older homes without the ductwork of an existing central HVAC unit.
  • Retrofitting Options to Fit any Space: Enjoy the high performance and comfort of high velocity air conditioning without compromising the design or architectural integrity of your home! The flexible ducts can be easily installed and routed almost anywhere.

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