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At Blue Ox Heating and Air, our priority is always the safety of our customers. If you are experiencing an issue with your Stillwater home’s heating system, we want you to know that we are available 24/7 for emergency service. Living with no heat during a Minnesota winter can be miserable and even dangerous. Please call 952-209-9329 if your HVAC system is not working correctly. Our team of pros has the skill and experience to locate the problem quickly and provide you with cost-effective solutions to get your home back to a comfortable temperature.


Blue Ox Services Offered In Stillwater, MN

Modern technology has made significant improvements in the way we heat and cool our homes, but with this progress has come some very complex pieces of equipment. A single failed component or circuit board in your furnace or air conditioner can completely halt the system’s function. Fortunately, the Blue Ox team is well trained to evaluate these devices and locate the issue, no matter how obscure it might be. Once we find the faulty part, you will get a complete cost estimate for the repair to get your HVAC running again. Our goal is always to offer you as many repair options as possible to meet your needs and budget.


At Blue Ox Heating & Air, we are committed to being your one-stop-shop for all heating, cooling, air quality, or other HVAC services that the residents of Stillwater, MN need. Whether you need help making your home warmer, cooler, fresher, or all three – we’ve got your back no matter the day of the week or the time of day you contact us.

Schedule an appointment with one of our qualified, certified, and background checked technicians today to see for yourself.


Are you interested in installing ductless air conditioning? Do you want to find out which type of furnace is the best for your home? Is custom ductwork something you’d like to talk to someone about? Whatever heating, cooling, air quality, or other HVAC issue you currently need help with, Blue Ox can help.

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  • Minnesota is known for hot, humid summers. Take a look at these tips to care for your air conditioner this spring so it’s ready to work at peak performance  during the warmer weather.
  • Did you know that poor indoor air quality can lead to coughing, eye irritation, headaches, allergic reactions, and more?

Furnace air filters need to be replaced more often if you have pets, if people in your house smoke regularly, or if there is excess dust or dirt building up inside your home.A Service Value from Blue Ox Heating And Air

Blue Ox Heating and Ai

A Service Value from Blue Ox Heating And Air

At Blue Ox Heating and Air, we understand that life can be hectic. It is tough to get to all of the necessary maintenance and service tasks for your home’s HVAC, plumbing, and drain systems. To help our neighbors in Stillwater keep up on these chores, we offer membership in our Legendary Care Club. This program is offered in partnership with Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drains. Working together, we provide members with exceptional preventative maintenance and service for their HVAC system, plumbing, and drain system. Membership also includes discounts on any necessary repairs.

Call us at 952-209-9329 to learn more about all of the Blue Ox HVAC services in Stillwater, MN.

Attractions in Stillwater, MN

The Zepher Theater offers a unique blend of theater and musicals and a gathering place for aspiring local talent. The goal is to see the entire community grow to its fullest potential in the arts.

Guests at the Arcola Mills Historic Site can tour and explore a pre-Civil War mining community. This site has been completely restored and is on the national historic site register.

When you are ready for a bird’s eye view of Stillwater, Aamodt’s Balloons is the only way to go. Flights take off from the Aamodt’s Apple Farm and Saint Croix Vineyards in Stillwater and typically last around two hours. Small group and private flights are also offered.

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