What Is An Electronic Air Filter, And How Does It Work?


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What Is An Electronic Air Filter, And How Does It Work?

Most consumers are aware of the need for an air filter in their HVAC system. The short explanation is that it cleans the air. However, unless you are willing to inspect the filter regularly and replace it as needed, the media-style air filters can do as much harm as good. Once the filter is covered with dust, it becomes harmful to the HVAC equipment. The layer of dust and dirt makes it more difficult for the unit to draw in air. The result is an increased workload, higher energy costs to operate the HVAC equipment, and a shorter lifespan. None of which are good for your wallet. So why not make a filter that can easily be removed, washed, and reinstalled?

A Simple And Smart Solution

An electronic air filter is the perfect solution for those people who want to be able to wash and reinstall their HVAC air filter rather than replacing the old media filter. As a result, you never need to worry about having replacement filters on hand or the arduous task of finding the right size air filter to purchase. In addition, you will not be contributing more used air filters into landfills, so the environment will thank you for your choice.

The Magic Of Science

Electronic air filters are also sometimes called ionizers because of the process used to trap dust and dirt particles. These filters use large plates with opposite electrical charges to attract and trap dust and dirt particles as the air passes over the plates. These filtration systems work very well and do not impede the airflow or add to the workload of the HVAC equipment, even when coated with dust. The only downside is that once the panels are coated with particles, they can no longer remove more dust from the air until they are cleaned.

Fast And Easy Cleaning

The intent of electronic air filters is to make life easier for humans while also keeping the air inside HVAC equipment particle free. When it is time to clean the plates, you can wash them in the sink or, even better, put them in the dishwasher. Then just slide the plated back into place, and the unit is ready for action. For those who might be wondering how you know when to inspect or clean the plates, newer models have an LED light that will indicate when the plates are ready for a quick cleaning.

Better, Or Just Easier?

While the electronic air filters sound too good to be true, they are a legitimate option for homeowners from Falcon Heights to Vadnais Heights. Beyond the elimination of media filters that can be hard to find and install, electronic filters offer two primary benefits. First, they capture smaller particles than most media filters. And second, they never clog and impede the airflow into the system to potentially harm the HVAC components.

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