UV Lights For HVAC

UV Lights For HVAC

UV lights are ideal for eliminating the mold and bacteria that live and multiply in every home’s HVAC system and ductwork. It adds another layer of cleaning that will impact the entire house, and it is especially helpful for those with asthma, COPD, or other breathing issues. As a part of a well-maintained system, UV lights are a practical solution to increase sanitation, fresher air, and reduce odors in your home.

The Proof

UV light has been known to kill mold, bacteria, and viruses for over a century. In 1903, the Noble Prize in Medicine was awarded to Niels Finsen for his use of UV light to treat patients suffering from skin infections. In more modern times, Duke University Medical Center determined in 2012 that UV light kills 97% of bacteria resistant to antibiotics. In 2001, the Journal of Applied and Environmental Biology reported that germicidal UV radiation effectively reduces airborne fungi in air handling equipment.

UV Lighting Solutions For Your HVAC System

Two types of UV lighting can be installed on your HVAC system. Working in tandem, they will clean both the HVAC equipment and the ductwork in your home.

  • Coil Sanitizing Lights- If you have central air in your home, you also have an indoor coil that condenses moisture to dehumidify the air. Because this surface is moist, any dirt, pet dander, or other debris in the air sticks to the coil. And this dirt and moisture create the ideal breeding ground for mold and bacteria growth. A single or double lamp system is installed to shine on the coil to sanitize the surface continuously.
  • Air Sanitizing Lights- These germicidal lights are installed in your home’s ductwork to sanitize the air where the return air is pulled into the system. The stick or U-shaped lights kill the germs and mold before it enters the HVAC equipment and is circulated through your home.

Cost Factors

Like most products for your home, there are many choices when it comes to selecting UV lights. A single fixture can range from around $60 to over $400, depending on the size, brand, and function. And lamps range from $10 to well over $100. Once installed, which is also an additional fee, you can budget from $25 to $75 a year to cover operating costs.

There are some models that lend themselves to DIY installation. These lights have a standard 110v plug and require around a mid-level skill set for the installation, but for the best results and a reliable warranty, professional installation by the team from Blue Ox Heating and Air is recommended. Many of the units we install include a lifetime warranty on the fixture and a two-year warranty on the bulbs.

Call 952-213-3955 to schedule an appointment with one of our experts to learn more about the benefits of UV lighting installation for your HVAC system. And rest assured, we are a CDC-compliant essential services provider to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

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