How To Make Your AC More Efficient

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At Blue Ox Heating & Air, we know that most of the country thinks we live in an icebox year-round. However, residents from Circle Pines to Eden Prairie know that having reliable air conditioning is a must in the summertime. In addition, they will attest to the need for helpful tips and information to keep their home’s ACs operating as energy-efficiently as possible.

Any way to keep that household budget in line is much appreciated in the summer and the winter. Below are some guidelines that Blue Ox team members use at home to keep their AC working at peak efficiency.


The condenser for your home’s AC is located outside the house. It looks like a box but is a protective housing around the condenser coil. This unit is the part of your AC system that releases the heat from inside your home. To do that vital job efficiently, it needs to be free of any blockages, including weeks, grass, leaves, plant material, or debris.

Keep the area clean to allow air to circulate more easily and keep your home as cool as possible. For professional cleaning and service from the Blue Ox Heating & Air team, call 952-208-4570.


It can be a challenge to remember to adjust the thermostat before bed each night or when leaving the house. But those small changes of just a few degrees can substantially reduce your cooling costs and take some of the stress off of your AC system.

To take human error out of the equation, install a programmable thermostat to handle all of those temperature adjustments for you. The Blue Ox Heating & Air team offers a wide selection of programmable thermostats, including Goodman’s ComfortNet, Honeywell Focus Pro, and various WiFi-enabled models.


Air filters are crucial to keep dirt and dust from the delicate components inside your AC system. However, when the filter becomes clogged with dirt, it begins to do more harm than good. The clogged filter restricts the airflow to your air conditioner and makes it work even harder than necessary. This excess work shortens the unit’s life and costs you much money in wasted energy. Check your AC filters once a month and replace them as needed.


All mechanical devices need a little care from time to time. A tune-up for your AC is much like the one you get for your vehicle. It is an opportunity for the Blue Ox team to clean and make minor adjustments that will increase your AC unit’s life and energy efficiency. In the case of a neglected AC, our spring tune-up can save customers as much as 50% on their cooling costs for the summer. And equally as important, it will ensure that your entire home will remain cool and comfortable during the hot season that we see “Up North.”