Homeowners thinking about adding air conditioning to their Cottage Grove or East Bethel homes often have many questions about ductless A/C and how it compares to the more common forced-air units. The experts are Blue Ox Heating And Air are always happy to provide customers with a free price quote for any air-condition installation, including ductless and more traditional choices. However, we want to provide our customers with as much information as possible on ductless air conditioning and how it compares to forced air so that they can make a well-informed choice.

Meet The Ductless Mini-Split

When your home has no ductwork, the Mini-Split has a lot to offer. Most homeowners are enticed when they discover that they will not need to tear up the house to install ductwork. But that is just the beginning of the amazing features of these units. Some of the most exciting include:

  • Exceptional Efficiency- These small but mighty units off some cutting-edge technology to help reduce operating costs. Inverter technology allows the Mini-Split to convert high-voltage electricity to DC voltage. The short version is that these units use a fraction of the electricity of a forced-air unit. Added savings come from the variable speed motor that is a rare find on most central air units.
  • Easy To Zone- These smaller units are ideal for creating cooling zones throughout your home. You can place one in each room to ensure that you have independent control of the temperature throughout the house. This adds to your comfort and energy efficiency as you can cool each room according to sun exposure and its specific needs.
  • Flexibility- Much like the zoning feature, the Mini-Split allows you to create the ideal climate control for every room in your house and its various functions. You can opt for heat in some rooms, cooling in others, and even turn off the climate control and open a window in yet another space.

Challenges Of Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Nothing is perfect, or it would be the only option used in every house in the country. There are a few challenges that come with this ductless air conditioner, including:

  • Air Filtration- The ductless systems have air filtration, but it is not as powerful as those on a central air system. You will not have the same dust, allergen, and odor elimination level as you would expect from a central air system.
  • Visual Appeal- While your central air system is not attractive, it can be concealed. The ductless systems often require equipment, wiring, and drain lines that can be seen on the outside of your home.
  • Drainage- Drainage can be an issue if the equipment cannot use gravity to remove the condensation. Condensation pumps add to the cost and sound created by the unit.
  • Maintenance- The filters require far more attention and cleaning than a forced air unit which does not appeal to many homeowners.