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What is Zone Heating?

HVAC bills can comprise up to 40% of your utility costs, so finding ways to make these essentials more efficient should be a priority. One option that optimizes your home’s unit is a zone heating HVAC system. It uniquely heats room-by-room instead of a single temperature for the whole space. Here are how it works and the benefits of getting this type of system.

Zone Ducted Systems Versus Ductless Systems

Conventional heating systems control the overall temperature of the entire home at once through air vents. This one setting fits all scenario, however, can result in slight inefficiencies that make a substantial difference. Zone heating allows for a truly custom system for warming your home, creating maximum comfort while lowering your energy bills up to 30%.

Your house is subdivided into “zones” that are either single rooms or small regions, each one controlled by its own thermostat. Zone heating with a ductwork HVAC system uses dampers—flaps that open and close to control the amount of heat entering the space. These systems can work for both furnace and boiler systems, making their application versatile and convenient.

Another option is a ductless mini-split HVAC system, which uses an electric heat pump and an air handler installed in each room to warm the space. Instead of converting heat from a fuel source like a furnace, a ductless system moves heat using electricity and refrigerant. Capable of connecting up to five indoor air handlers to one outdoor condensing unit, this option is an excellent choice for old homes without ductwork.

How to Capitalize on a Zone Heating System

Room Usage

Through zone heating, you can customize which rooms are warm at any hour of the day. This ability is particularly useful with a programmable thermostat. Say, for example, that you spend most of your time in your kitchen and living room during the day, but don’t go to your bedroom until it’s time to go to sleep. You can program your zone heating system to keep those living spaces warm during the day while minimizing usage elsewhere.

Then, when it’s bedtime, your system can shift heat usage to your bedroom and lower temperature in other parts of the house. It can also eliminate overexerting the system to cater to underutilized areas like storage rooms or guest rooms. By programming your home only to use heat where it’s needed will save your system the effort, lowering your energy costs as a result.

Personal Preferences

Beyond efficiency’s sake, a ductless system allows you to cater to your personal preferences based on what area of your home you’re heating. Depending on how many units you have, you can keep certain areas warm while others remain cooler to accommodate for eternally overheated relatives. This control becomes increasingly helpful at night, when each person has their own comfortable temperature that they need in the room to get to sleep. This customization assures that everyone in your home has control over the thermostat.


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