Whole-Home VS Room Air Purification

The EPA estimates that the air in the average house is two to five times worse than the outdoor air because of the lack of ventilation and air circulation. Sadly, many people are now very tuned into monitoring the outdoor air quality and will keep their homes closed up tightly to avoid bringing that polluted air inside. However, they are not considering all of the items in our daily life that create indoor air pollution like off-gassing of volatile organic compounds, combustion from cooking appliances and HVAC equipment, aerosol sprays, and cleaning products. And the only solution to all of these foreign particles in the air in your home is air filtration. So the big question becomes should you use whole-home filtration or room air purification?

The Benefits Of Whole-Home Air Purification

The most significant benefit of a whole-home air purification solution is a one-and-done choice. Once you select and install whole-home air purification, the entire house becomes cleaner and more healthy for you and your loved ones. In addition, there are many more options for a whole-home filtration system that are not feasible for a room air cleaner, such as UV lighting. These systems use ultraviolet light to clean the air and the inside of the ductwork in your home to eliminate germs and bacteria that would not be removed with most room-based filtration systems. And no room air purification system will provide any cleaning inside the ductwork of your home. This innovative air purification process is exceptional for eliminating mold growth in moist ductwork and preventing future issues.

Why Opt For Room Air Purification

There are some cases where you cannot add air purification and filtration equipment to your home. For example, if you rent a house or apartment, installing these devices in someone else’s property is cost-prohibitive. However, many apartment dwellers discover that they can significantly increase the air quality in their space with a room air purifier that is size correctly and carefully maintained according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Can You Double Your Benefits?

Many consumers wonder if using a whole-home air purification system in addition to a room model has any benefit. The answer is yes, especially during allergy season or in the summer when you frequently have the windows open to enjoy some fresh air. Consider adding a room air purification device in a space like a child’s room if they have allergies or if that is an area where they frequently play with a furry pet. It can also boost air purification in a room that might have more natural indoor pollutants, like the kitchen where you have a gas stove or a living space where you enjoy a wood-burning fireplace. The added filtration in these rooms will help reduce the pollutants moving to other parts of the house before the air is cycled through the HVAC system for filtration.

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